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July 2017

Ultrasonic 3-D Vector Flow Method for Quantitative In Vivo Peak Velocity and Flow Rate Estimation
Holbek, S; Ewertsen, C; Bouzari, H; Pihl, MJ; Hansen, KL; Stuart, MB; Thomsen, C; Nielsen, MB; Jensen, JA
IEEE T-UFFC, 64, Iss 3, pp 544-554 (2017)

Microbubble Composition and Preparation for High-Frequency Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging: In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation
Daeichin, V; van Rooij, T; Skachkov, I; Ergin, B; Specht, PAC; Lima, A; Ince, C; Bosch, JG; van der Steen, AFW; de Jong, N; Kooiman, K
IEEE T-UFFC, 64, Iss 3, pp 555-567 (2017)

Ultrasonic Imaging in Solids Using Wave Mode Beamforming
Lanza di Scalea, F; Sternini, S; Nguyen, TV
IEEE T-UFFC, 64, Iss 3, pp 602-616 (2017)

Cross-Spectrum PM Noise Measurement, Thermal Energy, and Metamaterial Filters
Gruson, Y; Giordano, V; Rohde, UL; Poddar, AK; Rubiola, E
IEEE T-UFFC, 64, Iss 3, pp 634-642 (2017)

Real-Time Intravascular Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging
VanderLaan, D; Karpiouk, AB; Yeager, D; Emelianov, S
IEEE T-UFFC, 64, Iss 1, pp 141-149 (2017)

Contrast Enhanced Superharmonic Imaging for Acoustic Angiography Using Reduced Form-Factor Lateral Mode Transmitters for Intravascular and Intracavity Applications
Wang, Z; Martin, KH; Huang, W; Dayton, PA; Jiang, X
IEEE T-UFFC, 64, Iss 2, pp 311-319 (2017)

Multifrequency Interlaced CMUTs for Photoacoustic Imaging
Chee, RKW; Zhang, P; Maadi, M; Zemp, RJ
IEEE T-UFFC, 64, Iss 2, pp 391-401 (2017)

Single-Bit All-Digital Frequency Synthesis Using HomodyneSigma-Delta Modulation
Sotiriadis, PP
IEEE T-UFFC, 64, Iss 2, pp 463-474 (2017)

2016 Articles

Ultrasound Vector Flow Imaging-Part II: Parallel Systems
Jensen, JA; Nikolov, SI; Yu, ACH; Garcia, D
IEEE T-UFFC, 63, Iss 11, pp 1722-1732 (2016)

ULA-OP 256: A 256-Channel Open Scanner for Development and Real-Time Implementation of New Ultrasound Methods
Boni, E; Bassi, L; Dallai, A; Guidi, F; Meacci, V; Ramalli, A; Ricci, S; Tortoli, P
IEEE T-UFFC, 63, Iss 10, pp 1488-1495 (2016)

Accurate Angle Estimator for High-Frame-Rate 2-D Vector Flow Imaging.
Villagomez Hoyos, Carlos Armando; Stuart, Matthias Bo; Hansen, Kristoffer Lindskov; Nielsen, Michael Bachmann; Jensen, Jorgen Arendt
IEEE T-UFFC, 63, Iss 6, pp 842-53 (2016)

PVDF Multielement Lamb Wave Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring
Ren, Baiyang; Lissenden, Cliff J.
IEEE T-UFFC, 63, Iss 1, pp 178-185 (2016)

In Vivo Characterization of Cortical Bone Using Guided Waves Measured by Axial Transmission
Vallet, Quentin; Bochud, Nicolas; Chappard, Christine; Laugier, Pascal; Minonzio, Jean-Gabriel
IEEE T-UFFC, 63, Iss 9, pp 1361-1371 (2016)

An Intrinsically Switchable Ladder-Type Ferroelectric BST-on-Si Composite FBAR Filter
Lee, Seungku; Mortazawi, Amir
IEEE T-UFFC, 63, Iss 3, pp 456-462 (2016)

White Rabbit Precision Time Protocol on Long-Distance Fiber Links
Dierikx, EF; Wallin, AE; Fordell, T; Myyry, J; Koponen, P; Merimaa, M; Pinkert, TJ; Koelemeij, JCJ; Peek, HZ; Smets, R
IEEE T-UFFC, 63, Iss 7, pp 945-952 (2016)

Review of Quantitative Ultrasound: Envelope Statistics and Backscatter Coefficient Imaging and Contributions to Diagnostic Ultrasound
Oelze, Michael L.; Mamou, Jonathan
IEEE T-UFFC, 63, Iss 2, pp 336-351 (2016)

Based on citation reports of June 2017 for articles published in 2016 and 2017

August 2017

A Methodology for Anatomic Ultrasound Image Diagnostic Quality Assessment
Hemmsen, MC; Lange, T; Brandt, AH; Nielsen, MB; Jensen, JA
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 1, pp 206-217 (2017)

Ultrasonic Needles for Bone Biopsy
Mathieson, A; Wallace, R; Cleary, R; Li, L; Simpson, H; Lucas, M
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 2, pp 433-440 (2017)

Characterization of Contrast Agent Microbubbles for Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy Research
Mulvana, H; Browning, RJ; Luan, Y; de Jong, N; Tang, MX; Eckersley, RJ; Stride, E
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 1, pp 232-251 (2017)

Targeting Effects on the Volume of the Focused Ultrasound-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Opening in Nonhuman Primates In Vivo
Karakatsani, ME; Samiotaki, G; Downs, ME; Ferrera, VP; Konofagou, EE
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 5, pp 798-810 (2017)

Efficient Strategies for Estimating the Spatial Coherence of Backscatter
Hyun, D; Crowley, ALC; Dahl, JJ
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 3, pp 500-513 (2017)

Wideband 2-D Array Design Optimization With Fabrication Constraints for 3-D US Imaging
Roux, E; Ramalli, A; Liebgott, H; Cachard, C; Robini, MC; Tortoli, P
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 1, pp 108-125 (2017)

The Practicalities of Obtaining and Using Hydrophone Calibration Data to Derive Pressure Waveforms
Hurrell, AM; Rajagopal, S
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 1, pp 126-140 (2017)

Investigating Shear Wave Physics in a Generic Pediatric Left Ventricular Model via In Vitro Experiments and Finite Element Simulations
Caenen, A; Pernot, M; Shcherbakova, DA; Mertens, L; Kersemans, M; Segers, P; Swillens, A
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 2, pp 349-361 (2017)

2016 Articles

Ultrafast Harmonic Coherent Compound (UHCC) Imaging for High Frame Rate Echocardiography and Shear-Wave Elastography
Correia, Mafalda; Provost, Jean; Chatelin, Simon; Villemain, Olivier; Tanter, Mickael; Pernot, Mathieu
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 3, pp 420-431 (2016)

A Comparison Between Compounding Techniques Using Large Beam-Steered Plane Wave Imaging for Blood Vector Velocity Imaging in a Carotid Artery Model
Saris, AECM; Hansen, HHG; Fekkes, S; Nillesen, MM; Rutten, MCM; de Korte, CL
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 11, pp 1758-1771 (2016)

3-D Vector Flow Estimation With Row-Column-Addressed Arrays
Holbek, S; Christiansen, TL; Stuart, MB; Beers, C; Thomsen, EV; Jensen, JA
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 11, pp 1799-1814 (2016)

Bubble-Induced Color Doppler Feedback for Histotripsy Tissue Fractionation
Miller, Ryan M.; Zhang, Xi; Maxwell, Adam D.; Cain, Charles A.; Xu, Zhen
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 3, pp 408-419 (2016)

Review: Mechanical Characterization of Carotid Arteries and Atherosclerotic Plaques
de Korte, CL; Fekkes, S; Nederveen, AJ; Manniesing, R; Hansen, HHG
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 10, pp 1613-1623 (2016)

Sparse SVD Method for High-Resolution Extraction of the Dispersion Curves of Ultrasonic Guided Waves
Xu, KL; Minonzio, JG; Ta, D; Hu, B; Wang, WQ; Laugier, P
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 10, pp 1514-1524 (2016)

ELSTAB-Fiber-Optic Time and Frequency Distribution Technology: A General Characterization and Fundamental Limits
Krehlik, P; Sliwczynski, L; Buczek, L; Kolodziej, J; Lipinski, M
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 7, pp 993-1004 (2016)

Realization of Complex 3-D Phononic Crystals With Wide Complete Acoustic Band Gaps
Lucklum, Frieder; Vellekoop, Michael J.
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 5, pp 796-797 (2016)

Based on citation reports of July 2017 for articles published in 2016 and 2017

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