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July 2019

Assessment of Carotid Artery Plaque Components With Machine Learning Classification Using Homodyned-K Parametric Maps and Elastograms
Roy-Cardinal, MH; Destrempes, F; Soulez, G; Cloutier, G
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 3, pp 493-504 (2019)

Clinical Pilot Application of Super-Resolution US Imaging in Breast Cancer
Dencks, S; Piepenbrock, M; Opacic, T; Krauspe, B; Stickeler, E; Kiessling, F; Schmitz, G
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 3, pp 517-526 (2019)

Mechanical Anisotropy Assessment in Kidney Cortex Using ARFI Peak Displacement: Preclinical Validation and Pilot In Vivo Clinical Results in Kidney Allografts
Hossain, MM; Detwiler, RK; Chang, EH; Caughey, MC; Fisher, MW; Nichols, TC; Merricks, EP; Raymer, RA; Whitford, M; Bellinger, DA; Wimsey, LE; Gallippi, CM
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 3, pp 551-562 (2019)

Coupling Myocardium and Vortex Dynamics in Diverging-Wave Echocardiography
Faurie, J; Baudet, M; Poree, J; Cloutier, G; Tournoux, F; Garcia, D
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 3, pp 425-432 (2019)

Interoperator Reproducibility of Carotid Elastography for Identification of Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaques
Liu, Z; Bai, ZY; Huang, CW; Huang, MW; Huang, LY; Xu, DX; Zhang, HB; Yuan, C; Luo, JW
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 3, pp 505-516 (2019)

Development of Low Frequency (20-100 kHz) Clinically Viable Ultrasound Applicator for Chronic Wound Treatment
Ngo, O; Niemann, E; Gunasekaran, V; Sankar, P; Putterman, M; Lafontant, A; Nadkarni, S; DiMaria-Ghalili, RA; Neidrauer, M; Zubkov, L; Weingarten, M; Margolis, DJ; Lewin, PA
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 3, pp 572-580 (2019)

Dedicated Ultrasound Speckle Tracking for Quantitative Analysis of Uterine Motion Outside Pregnancy
Sammali, F; Kuijsters, NPM; Huang, YZ; Blank, C; Rabotti, C; Schoot, BC; Mischi, M
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 3, pp 581-590 (2019)

Experimental Quantification of Noise in Linear Ultrasonic Imaging
Bevan, RLT; Zhang, J; Budyn, N; Croxford, AJ; Wilcox, PD
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 1, pp 79-90 (2019)

2018 Articles

Improved Super-Resolution Ultrasound Microvessel Imaging With Spatiotemporal Nonlocal Means Filtering and Bipartite Graph-Based Microbubble Tracking
Song, PF; Trzasko, JD; Manduca, A; Huang, RQ; Kadirvel, R; Kallmes, DF; Chen, SG
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 2, pp 149-167 (2018)

Ultrasound Open Platforms for Next-Generation Imaging Technique Development
Boni, E; Yu, ACH; Freear, S; Jensen, JA; Tortoli, P
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 7, pp 1078-1092 (2018)

Ultrasound Localization Microscopy and Super-Resolution: A State of the Art
Couture, O; Hingot, V; Heiles, B; Muleki-Seya, P; Tanter, M
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 8, pp 1304-1320 (2018)

Advanced Satellite-Based Frequency Transfer at the 10(-16) Level
Fujieda, M; Yang, SH; Gotoh, T; Hwang, SW; Hachisu, H; Kim, H; Lee, YK; Tabuchi, R; Ido, T; Lee, WK; Heo, MS; Park, CY; Yu, DH; Petit, G
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 6, pp 973-978 (2018)

Compressed Sensing Based Synthetic Transmit Aperture for Phased Array Using Hadamard Encoded Diverging Wave Transmissions
Liu, J; Luo, JW
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 7, pp 1141-1152 (2018)

Two-Stage Motion Correction for Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging in Human Lower Limb
Harput, S; Christensen-Jeffries, K; Brown, J; Li, YW; Williams, KJ; Davies, AH; Eckersley, RJ; Dunsby, C; Tang, MX
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 5, pp 803-814 (2018)

Multiline Transmit Beamforming Combined With Adaptive Apodization
Zurakhov, G; Tong, L; Ramalli, A; Tortoli, P; D’hooge, J; Friedman, Z; Adam, D
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 4, pp 535-545 (2018)

Lithium Niobate Phononic Crystals for Tailoring Performance of RF Laterally Vibrating Devices
Lu, RC; Manzaneque, T; Yang, YS; Gong, SB
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 6, pp 934-944 (2018)

Based on citation reports of June 2019 for articles published in 2018 and 2019.

June 2019

Phased Array Focusing for Acoustic Wireless Power Transfer
Tseng, VFG; Bedair, SS; Lazarus, N
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 1, pp 39-49 (2018)

High-Frame-Rate Contrast Echocardiography Using Diverging Waves: Initial In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation
Toulemonde, M; Li, YW; Lin, ST; Cordonnier, F; Butler, M; Duncan, WC; Eckersley, RJ; Sboros, V; Tang, MX
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 12, pp 2212-2221 (2018)

Analysis and Design of Capacitive Parametric Ultrasonic Transducers for Efficient Ultrasonic Power Transfer Based on a 1-D Lumped Model
Surappa, S; Tao, ML; Degertekin, FL
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 11, pp 2103-2112 (2018)

Broadband Ultrasonic Attenuation Estimation and Compensation With Passive Acoustic Mapping
Gray, MD; Coussios, CC
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 11, pp 1997-2011 (2018)

Relationships of Ultrasonic Backscatter With Bone Densities and Microstructure in Bovine Cancellous Bone
Liu, CC; Li, BY; Diwu, QQ; Li, Y; Zhang, R; Ta, DA; Wang, WQ
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 12, pp 2311-2321 (2018)

Characterization of Viscoelastic Materials Using Group Shear Wave Speeds
Rouze, NC; Deng, YF; Trutna, CA; Palmeri, ML; Nightingale, KR
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 5, pp 780-794 (2018)

Optimized Echo Decorrelation Imaging Feedback for Bulk Ultrasound Ablation Control
Abbass, MA; Garbo, AJ; Mahalingam, N; Killin, JK; Mast, TD
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 10, pp 1743-1755 (2018)

Using the Deep Space Atomic Clock for Navigation and Science
Ely, TA; Burt, EA; Prestage, JD; Seubert, JM; Tjoelker, RL
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 65, Iss 6, pp 950-961 (2018)

2017 Articles

In Vivo Intracardiac Vector Flow Imaging Using Phased Array Transducers for Pediatric Cardiology
Fadnes, S; Wigen, MS; Nyrnes, SA; Lovstakken, L
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 9, pp 1318-1326 (2017)

FoCUS: Fourier-Based Coded Ultrasound
Lahav, A; Chernyakova, T; Eldar, YC
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 12, pp 1828-1839 (2017)

Histotripsy Treatment of S. Aureus Biofilms on Surgical Mesh Samples Under Varying Pulse Durations
Bigelow, TA; Thomas, CL; Wu, HQ; Itani, KMF
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 10, pp 1420-1428 (2017)

Viscoelasticity Mapping by Identification of Local Shear Wave Dynamics
Van Sloun, RJG; Wildeboer, RR; Wijkstra, H; Mischi, M
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 11, pp 1666-1673 (2017)

FAMUS II: A Fast and Mechanistic Ultrasound Simulator Using an Impulse Response Approach
Aguilar, L; Wong, J; Steinman, DA; Cobbold, RSC
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 2, pp 362-373 (2017)

Wave Mode Discrimination of Coded Ultrasonic Guided Waves Using Two-Dimensional Compressed Pulse Analysis
Malo, S; Fateri, S; Livadas, M; Mares, C; Gan, TH
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 7, pp 1092-1101 (2017)

Real-Time Intravascular Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging
VanderLaan, D; Karpiouk, AB; Yeager, D; Emelianov, S
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 1, pp 141-149 (2017)

Phased Array Imaging of Complex-Geometry Composite Components
Brath, AJ; Simonetti, F
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 10, pp 1573-1582 (2017)

Based on citation reports of May 2019 for articles published in 2017 and 2018.

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