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Transactions on UFFC

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December 2020

In Vivo Assessment of Pulmonary Fibrosis and Pulmonary Edema in Rodents Using Ultrasound Multiple Scattering
Mohanty, K; Karbalaeisadegh, Y; Blackwell, JW; Ali, MH; Masuodi, B; Egan, T; Muller, M
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 67, Iss 11, pp 2274-2280 (2020)

Intrinsic Tradeoffs in Multi-Covariate Imaging of Sub-Resolution Targets
Morgan, MR; Trahey, GE; Walker, WF
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 68, Iss 10, pp 1980-1992 (2020)

Phase Modulation Beamforming for Ultrafast Plane-Wave Imaging
Jing, BW; Lindsey, BD
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 69, Iss 10, pp 2003-2011 (2020)

Compressed Sensing Approach for Reducing the Number of Receive Elements in Synthetic Transmit Aperture Imaging
Ramkumar, A; Thittai, AK
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 70, Iss 10, pp 2012-2021 (2020)

Ultrafast Phased-Array Imaging Using Sparse Orthogonal Diverging Waves
Samson, C; Adamson, R; Brown, JA
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 71, Iss 10, pp 2033-2045 (2020)

New Sm-PMN-PT Ceramic-Based 2-D Array for Low-Intensity Ultrasound Therapy Application
Zhang, ZQ; Su, M; Li, F; Liu, R; Cai, RL; Li, GF; Jiang, QJ; Zhong, HB; Shrout, TR; Zhang, SJ; Zheng, HR; Qiu, WB
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 72, Iss 10, pp 2085-2094 (2020)

A Dual-Frequency Coupled Resonator Transducer
Andersen, KK; Frijlink, ME; Johansen, TF; Hoff, L
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 73, Iss 10, pp 2119-2129 (2020)

Accurate and Precise Time-Delay Estimation for Ultrasound Elastography With Prebeamformed Channel Data
Mirzaei, M; Asif, A; Rivaz, H
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 74, Iss 9, pp 1752-1763 (2020)

A Novel 2-D Speckle Tracking Method for High-Frame-Rate Echocardiography
Orlowska, M; Ramalli, A; Petrescu, A; Cvijic, M; Bezy, S; Santos, P; Pedrosa, J; Voigt, JU; D’hooge, J
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 75, Iss 9, pp 1764-1775 (2020)

High-Frequency Nonlinear Doppler Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging of Blood Flow
Bruce, M; Hannah, A; Hammond, R; Khaing, ZZ; Tremblay-Darveau, C; Burns, PN; Hofstetter, CP
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 76, Iss 9, pp 1776-1784 (2020)

April 2020

2019 Articles

2-D and 3-D Reconstruction Algorithms in the Fourier Domain for Plane-Wave Imaging in Nondestructive Testing
Merabet, L; Robert, S; Prada, C
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 4, pp 772-788 (2019)

Gigahertz Low-Loss and Wideband S0 Mode Lithium Niobate Acoustic Delay Lines
Lu, R; Manzaneque, T; Yang, Y; Li, MH; Gong, S
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 8, pp 1373-1386 (2019)

Clinical Translation of a Novel Photoacoustic Imaging System for Examining the Temporal Artery
Sheikh, R; Cinthio, M; Dahlstrand, U; Erlov, T; Naumovska, M; Hammar, B; Zackrisson, S; Jansson, T; Reistad, N; Malmsjo, M
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 3, pp 472-480 (2019)

Sparse Wavenumber Recovery and Prediction of Anisotropic Guided Waves in Composites: A Comparative Study
Sabeti, S; Leckey, CAC; De Marchi, L; Harley, JB
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 8, pp 1352-1363 (2019)

Experimental Quantification of Noise in Linear Ultrasonic Imaging
Bevan, RLT; Zhang, J; Budyn, N; Croxford, AJ; Wilcox, PD
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 1, pp 79-90 (2019)

Development of Low Frequency (20-100 kHz) Clinically Viable Ultrasound Applicator for Chronic Wound Treatment
Ngo, O; Niemann, E; Gunasekaran, V; Sankar, P; Putterman, M; Lafontant, A; Nadkarni, S; DiMaria-Ghalili, RA; Neidrauer, M; Zubkov, L; Weingarten, M; Margolis, DJ; Lewin, PA
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 3, pp 572-580 (2019)

Radio Frequency Angular Momentum Biased Quasi-LTI Nonreciprocal Acoustic Filters
Cassella, C; Michetti, G; Pirro, M; Yu, Y; Kord, A; Sounas, D; Alu, A; Rinaldi, M
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 11, pp 1814-1825 (2019)

Lamb Wave Mode Decomposition Based on Cross-Wigner-Ville Distribution and Its Application to Anomaly Imaging for Structural Health Monitoring
Zoubi, AB; Kim, S; Adams, DO; Mathews, VJ
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 66, Iss 5, pp 984-997 (2019)

Based on citation reports of March 2020 for articles published in 2019.

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