Fellows Committee


The UFFC-S Fellows Committee shall consist of at least five members appointed by the Chair, all of whom must be Fellows. The chair shall endeavor to renew committee membership periodically. The UFFC-S Fellows Committee shall be responsible for receiving and evaluating nominations for Fellow grade candidates engaged in the fields of activity covered by the Society. The Committee shall make recommendations concerning these nominations on behalf of the Society. Its deliberations and conclusions are confidential and shall only be transmitted to the IEEE Fellows Committee. Members of the UFFC-S Fellows Committee shall not serve as Fellow nominators or references. The UFFC-S Fellows Committee shall provide the information on newly elected IEEE Fellows of UFFC-S to the UFFC-S Newsletter EIC and the UFFC-S Web EIC in a timely manner for inclusion in the Newsletters and posting on the UFFC-S website.


Fellows Committee Chair

Rutgers University
IEEE Region
Region 02 (Eastern U.S.)

No Current Incumbents