Frequency Control Tutorials

David W. Allan The Development of the: Allan Variance, Modified Allan Variance, Time Variance, and Other Relevant Science Download
Michael M. Driscoll Vibration-Induced Phase Noise Download 
Michael M. Driscoll Low Noise Oscillator Design and Performance Download
J. Everard The Fundamental Theory of Low Noise Oscillators with Special Reference to Some Detailed Designs Download
Enrico Rubiola The Leeson Effect: PM and AM noise, and frequency stability in oscillators Download
William Riley Learn Frequency Stability Analysis Using Stable32 Download
John R. Vig Quartz Crystal Resonators and Oscillators for Frequency Control and Timing Applications - A Tutorial Download
Yook–Kong Yong, Ji Wang Theory and Analysis of Quartz Crystal Resonators Download
Ville Kaajakari Modeling of MEMS resonators: Physics meets application requirements Download
Philip Feng Nanoscale Electromechanical Resonators and Oscillators Download
Gianluca Piazza MEMS Resonators for Frequency Control and Sensing Applications Download
Robert Lutwak Principles of Atomic Clocks Download
Bruce Warrington Next-generation frequency standards Download
X.S. Yao Photonic Techniques in Frequency and Timing Download
Alexander S. Rukhlenko Design of SPUDT and RSPUDT SAW Filters Download
Alexander S. Rukhlenko Optimum and Suboptimum Design of FIR and SAW Filters: Remez Exchange Algorithm, LP, NLP, WLMS Download
Alexander S. Rukhlenko Mixed Scattering Matrix: Properties and Applications Download
Alexander S. Rukhlenko SAW Filter Analysis in the Quasi-Static Approximation: Theory and Algorithms Download
Joseph B. Donovan, Michael M. Driscoll Vibration-Induced Phase Noise in Signal Generation Hardware Download
Enrico Rubiola The Leeson Effect - Phase Noise in Feedback Oscillators Download
Jun Ye Optical Frequency Measurement & Synthesis Download
Craig Nelson Phase and Amplitude Modulation Noise Metrology Download
Lorenzo Galleani Kalman Filters Download
Mohinder Grewal Fundamentals of Kalman Filtering Download
Francois Vernotte The Allan Variance Download
John Davis Use of Kalman Filters in Time and Frequency Analysis Download
D.B. Percival An Introduction to the Wavelet Analysis of Time Series Download
V.F. Kroupa Principles of Phase Locked Loops (PLL) Download
William J. Riley The Hadamard Variance Download
Diethelm Johannsmann Modeling of QCM Data Download
J.-M Friedt, G. Martin, S. Ballandras Wireless and Mobile Acoustic Sensor Interrogation for (Bio)Chemical Sensing and Industrial Control Download
Judah Levine Time and Frequency Transfer Download
Dan Russell Acoustics and Vibration Animations Download

Online Presentations

# Title Author Link
1 Sapphire Microwave Frequency Sources G. John Dick View Online
2 Fundamentals of X-Ray Orientation of Quartz Crystals J. Kusters View Online
3 Passive Atomic Frequency Standards Leonard S. Cutler View Online
4 Rubidium Frequency Standard Technology William J. Riley View Online
5 Advanced Atomic Clocks L. Maleki View Online
6 Precision Measurements of Oscillators Samuel R. Stein View Online
7 Properties Of Oscillator Signals And Measurement Methods D.A. Howe, D.W. Allan, and J.A. Barnes View Online
8 PM and AM Noise Measurement Techniques - Part I Eva S. Ferre-Pikal View Online
9 PM & AM Noise – Part II Craig Nelson View Online
10 The Basics of Statistical Processes and Time and Frequency Victor S. Reinhardt View Online
11 Frequency and Time Synthesis A Tutorial Victor S. Reinhardt View Online
12 Clock Jitter R. Temple View Online
13 Quartz Crystals vs. Their Environment: Time Bases or Sensors? Errol P. EerNisse, 2000 UFFC distinguished lecturer View Online
14 Resonant Piezoelectric Devices as Physical and Biochemical Sensors Fabien Josse and Richard W. Cernosek View Online
15 Wireless Passive SAW Identification Marks and Sensors Leonhard M. Reindl View Online
16 The Calculation of Frequency Source Requirements for Digital Communications Systems Victor S. Reinhardt View Online
17 Introduction to Time and Frequency Transfer Thomas E. Parker View Online