Frequency Control Topical Schools

Annual Call for Proposals for Frequency Control Topical Schools

The IEEE-UFFC Society is supporting student participation at a series of Special Topic Schools across the technical fields covered by the Society.

For topics within the Frequency Control field, the UFFC-S would like to support participation in 1 or 2 Schools organized by the international Frequency Control community. The aim is to support 10-20 UFFC student members with a reduced registration fee and/or travel expense.

This annual notice targets organizers for Frequency Control Schools. Please send us a one-page proposal, including the logistics of the school you plan to organize, the history of the school, if any, and the expected benefit for the UFFC members. Schools do not have to be held during the summer.

The deadline for submission is January 14th for schools to be organized in the same calendar year.

Questions and submission to: (Click to show email)

IEEE-UFFC Education Committee