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Open UFFC-S Volunteer Positions

10 months 2 weeks ago
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Please see below for all open volunteer positions within the IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society. Once your volunteer application is received, someone from the UFFC-S Volunteer Engagement Committee will be in touch with the next steps. For any questions, please contact (Click to show email).

If you are a committee chair and would like to submit an open volunteer position application, please click here.

Position Title: Junior Student Representative: Frequency Control
UFFC-S Committee: Student Representative
Start Date: 01 January 2023
Experience Level: Graduate Student 

Position Description:

There shall be three new Junior Student Representatives selected each year, one from each of the three Society technical areas. The term of the Student Representatives shall be two years. Junior Student Representatives become Senior Student Representatives during the second year of their term.


  • Organizing and supporting student events during the 3 main UFFC symposia (online & on-site).
  • Promoting, coordinating, and encouraging activities for the UFFC students’ community.

Committee Contact:

Andreja Erbes
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Position Title: Web Editor in Chief
UFFC-S Committee: UFFC-S Publications Committee
Start Date: 01 November 2022 or As Soon as Possible
Experience Level: Young Professional

Position Description: You will work with Conference Catalysts to maintain a professional website that reflects the society's main activities and values. As part of the Publications Committee, you will attend meetings (approx. 4 per year) and other society meetings as desired/required to keep up to date on society activities. You will work alongside the Newsletter and Publicity teams, helping to deliver the Monthly highlights email to members, and help maintain good integration across these related areas of society activity. You will be invited to attend Adcom meetings, and to submit a short report on website updates three times annually. The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of the society that will be built through attendance at society committee meetings, an enthusiasm to work with colleagues and promote the society is key. You do not need any prior experience in web design since this aspect of the role is very well supported by Conference Catalysts. Routine tasks include:

• Maintaining existing materials, ensuring information is up to date and clearly presented
• Editorial overview of all published materials
• Identifying where there is need for new materials and working with colleagues or request support from appropriate society members to create these
• On occasion working with the web design team to create new pages or overhaul existing ones
• Responding to member and Adcom requests to facilitate display of new materials
A handover period with the existing web editor-in-chief ahead of taking on the role is expected.

For more information please contact Helen Mulvana (Click to show email).

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Position Title: Division II Standards Group Representative
UFFC-S Committee: UFFC-S Standards Committee
Start Date: Upon Appointment

Position Description: 
UFFC-S is seeking a representative for the Division II Standards Group. The Division II Standards Group Representative will assist in, but not be limited to, the following: Creating videos to show how standards can be applied (10 - 15 minutes; coffee break length), Look to submit proposals for the Industry Connections run by the Standards Association, Develop Short Courses on the detail of a standard, and overall generating more interest in standards. 

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Position Title: Outreach Initiative Chair
UFFC-S Committee: UFFC-S Outreach Initiave Committee
Start Date: December 2022

Position Description: 
UFFC-S is seeking an Outreach Initiative Chair to lead the new UFFC-S Outreach Committee. The Outreach Initiative Committee will seek and evaluate bids for UFFC-S Outreach Funding.

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Position Title: Frequency Control Representative
UFFC-S Committee: UFFC-S Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Start Date: Upon Appointment
Experience Level: Young Professional, Professional or Experienced Professional 

Position Description:
The committee shall include at least two members each from the areas of (i) Ultrasonics, (ii) Ferroelectrics, and (iii) Frequency Control. The committee members do not need to be members of the related standing committees (i.e., USSC, FESC, FCSC).

Each regular voting member of the committee shall have an appointment length of 3 years. The appointment can be renewed after the expiration of the term by re-nomination, after which the nomination must be approved by the chair of the committee and ratified by the committee. There is no limit on the total number of terms a committee member may serve. If a student member graduates before their term end, the chair may appoint a new student member to finish the term. If a voting student member graduates, the chair may choose to convert a non-voting student member to a voting student member instead of adding a new member.

Committee Contact:
Alp Sehirlioglu
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