UFFC-S President's Message - May 2020 - Paul Reynolds

3 years 11 months ago
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Dear UFFC Members, 

Welcome to the first issue of the 2020 UFFC newsletter! As we grow year on year, our society is becoming more diverse, not just in race and gender, but in geographical regions, technical areas, and type of employment, and it's important that our community sees the wide range of events, work, and research that our members do.
With COVID-19 changing our daily lives and leaving an uncertain future, we need to form stronger connections. Our major conferences usually mark a time for us to meet each year and network, but that is likely to be severely restricted in 2020 and perhaps beyond - so we're working to improve ways of communicating with you and to help form connections. With Dr. Helen Mulvana as our new Publicity Chair and Web Editor-in-Chief, and Dr. Lori Bridal as Newsletter Editor-in-Chief, we have strong leadership to improve our messaging through the newsletter, website, and social media.

Most importantly, UFFC is your society. It is here to provide you the tools you need to enhance your knowledge, careers, and research. Whether you are a graduate student or a retiree, in a one-person home office or a multinational corporation research lab, your contribution is valued and we want to hear from you about your events, achievements, reviews, thoughts, and reflections. Please don't hesitate to contact us and get involved - the IEEE is a volunteer society and we cannot do anything without you. Stay safe and well.

Paul Reynolds
IEEE UFFC-S President