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Ultrasonic Industry Association: Virtual Collaborations

Ultrasound in Surgical Devices: Advances in Robotic Surgery & HIFU Applications
2 years 8 months ago
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23 September 2021 at 10 am EST / 3pm GMT

Featuring Kevin Houser, PE

Director, IP Strategy, Engineering Fellow, Intellectual Property Center of Excellence, Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon Endo-Surgery

Our next "Virtual Collaborations" will be a continuation of this year's series of presentations and where the first three were focused on technologies and measurements, the fourth will focus on the area of applications with Kevin Houser presenting on the aspect of ultrasound in surgical devices.  Kevin is an Engineering Fellow with Ethicon, a Johnson and Johnson company, and has worked on ultrasonic cutting and coagulating devices used in surgery for over 20 years.  He will provide information on how ultrasound is used to create beneficial tissue effects as well as going into some of the devices and algorithms that are making ultrasound a mechanism of choice for many surgeons.  In addition, he will touch on some advances in these devices for robotic surgery and on HIFU applications of ultrasound.

  • Participant interaction and questions will be encouraged.
  • This edition of Virtual Collaborations will be available to UIA members at $50 / students at $25 / non-members at $75.

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