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UFFC Scholars Program

To build capacity in regions underrepresented at the annual Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control (UFFC) society meetings.
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Attendance at the annual UFFC meetings has historically been very low in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Southeast Asia.  High travel costs, high registration costs, visa/entry challenges, and a requirement of an accepted paper for home institution support or travel grants combine to produce low involvement year after year. This year, the UFFC seeks to remove potential barriers for 3 UFFC scholars to increase attendance at the annual UFFC society meetings as a stepping stone to building a truly international UFFC society. As the end goal is building capacity across the world, the UFFC Scholars program is open to individuals who will build capacity in their home country over many years.

Program Information

  • Three UFFC Scholars will be selected, one each from Ferroelectrics, Frequency Control, and Ultrasonics.
  • Full in-person conference registration including the tutorial day will be covered (waived at the time of registration).
  • Full travel costs will be covered up to a maximum of $5000 USD.  This will include:
  • Abstract submission is not required.  Scholars will be guaranteed a poster presentation if they wish to submit an abstract.
  • Scholars will send a short report post-meeting to the appropriate UFFC meeting standing committee.

Application Information

  • Applicants’ main institutional affiliation must be located in the typically underrepresented regions of Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, or Southeast Asia.
  • Applicants must be career researchers, e.g. university faculty, national metrology staff, or similar.
  • Applicant packet must include:
    • Current CV or resume with current institutional affiliation and current position clearly indicated
    • 1-page high-level summary of current work in frequency control, ultrasonics, or ferroelectrics
    • Assertion of intent to join the meeting in person if selected

EXTENDED Submission Deadline: 23 April 2024

Application packets should be submitted via the UFFC website form linked below.

In making a decision, the UFFC will give consideration to:

  • Quality of research

  • Relevance to one of the three UFFC technical areas

  • Geographic diversity

  • Topic diversity

  • Gender diversity

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