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UFFC-S Professional Networking and Mentoring Program: Workshop 5

Contributed by - Harriet Lea-Banks, UFFC-S Networking & Mentoring Committee Member
2 years 9 months ago
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On Saturday 4 September 2021, the UFFC-S Professional Networking and Mentoring Committee welcomed participants to the fifth UFFC-S mentoring workshop – the final event in a program of five workshops and panel discussions this summer.

The workshop host, Niels Tekke – a managing partner at Meerkat and a seasoned expert in organizational, professional, and leadership development – guided participants through the session on ‘Personal Profile, Professional Path’. UFFC-S members were challenged on how to synchronize our professional path with our personal profile, by considering the five elements of competence, passion, relevance, salary and working context, to help hone the next steps in our professional journeys.

Join us later this month at IUS 2021 for the End of Program Virtual Social Mixer (15 September 2021) – we look forward to seeing you there!

The UFFC-S Professional Networking and Mentoring Program is a new pilot initiative, so far pairing 64 mentors and mentees from 17 countries. To find out more about this program and the upcoming workshops, please visit here.