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Call for Proposals - 4th UFFC-S School on Ferroelectricity

1 year 5 months ago
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Call for Proposals

Selection criteria form: 

1st Ferroelectric School: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

2nd Ferroelectric School: INSA de Lyon, Lyon, France

3rd Ferroelectric School: University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

4th Ferroelectric School: Location in Asia TBD

Please return this form to Nagarajan Valanoor (Click to show email); Michelle Dologos (Click to show email); with copy to Shujun Zhang (Click to show email)  and Jon Ihlefeld, (Click to show email) by US Eastern Time 5 p.m. 1st January 2023.

Make sure your answers are precise and to the point. Please limit your entire application to no more than 2 A4 sheets with answers in font size 12.

  1. Briefly describe the venue including dates. Bear in mind factors such as adequate space, reservations, local arrangements, suggested hotels and proximity to meeting space, evening/networking events etc. How will you manage lodging, room booking etc.(25%)

  2. What is your intended registration fee? How did you come to this figure? How will you manage registrations? Describe your team available (25%)

  3. Financial model- We confirm that UFFC will allocate funds (US$20k). This support is to be exclusively used to support student costs. The host will need a larger budget to cover additional costs. What is your financial model to cover those costs? Please provide evidence that the school organizers have sufficient experience of budget and financial responsibility. (25%)

  4. Describe the facilities available for marketing (e.g. website for advertising the event). Describe your prior expertise in conference management. Describe your facilities for video recording and/or videocast. (25%)