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Call for Papers: JLT Special Issue on Integrated Photonics for Quantum Applications

Submission deadline: 31 March 2022
2 years 4 months ago
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The IEEE/Optica Publishing Group Journal of Lightwave Technology comprises original contributions covering work of high relevance on all aspects of optical guided-wave science, technology, engineering, and applications, including original theoretical and experimental results.

This JLT Special Issue covers topics in the field of integrated photonics for emerging quantum applications such as communications, computing, networking, sensing, and metrology and aims to provide researchers and students with the newest developments in these rapidly evolving fields. We welcome submissions that highlight recent advancements in photonic integrated circuits and/or their integration into systems and sub-systems for quantum applications. The paper submission deadline is 31 March 2022.

The scope of this special issue includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Chip-scale single photon, entangled photon, and squeezed light sources
  • Light sources for quantum applications
  • Quantum frequency converters
  • Quantum transducers
  • Single and photon number resolving detectors for quantum applications
  • Coherent detectors for quantum applications
  • Fiber or integrated photonic waveguides for quantum applications
  • Integrated quantum photonics in various platforms
  • Novel photonic structures for efficient quantum devices
  • Quantum memories/Quantum repeaters
  • Integrated photonics for quantum key distribution systems and networks
  • Integrated photonics in support of other qubit modalities (ions, solid state color centers, etc…)
  • Material progress for photonic structures
  • Hybrid approaches to photonic interfacing of qubits
  • Integrated photonics for photonic quantum computing

Guest Editors: 
Fotini Karinou (Microsoft Research Ltd, UK)
Cheryl Sorace-Agaskar (MIT Lincoln, US)
Jin Liu (Sun Yat-Sen University, China)
Volker Sorger (George Washington University, US)
Galan Moody (UCSB, US)
Eleni Diamanti (CNRS, Europe)
Kartik Srinivasan (NIST and Joint Quantum Institute, US)
Di Zhu (IMRE, A*STAR, Singapore)
Benjamin Pingault (Harvard University, US and Delft Technical University, EU)

Submission Deadline:  
31 March 2022

November/December 2022

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“Integrated Photonics 2022”

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