New Publication Track for ISAF-ISIF-PFM 2023

Authors who presented work at this year’s ISAF-ISIF-PFM 2023 are invited to submit a letter (3 pages minimum, 4 pages maximum length) to OJ-UFFC. Submissions will go through a full peer review. Accepted letters based on work presented at ISAF and submitted before 17 September 2023 will be marked as “ISAF highlights” to comprise a special section if the number of published contributions is sufficient. Publishing in the Open Journal – UFFC will provide open access for your paper if it is accepted. 

  • Deadline: 17 September 2023 for letter to be marked as "ISAF highlights”
  • Deadline: 31 December 2023 for processing charges to be waived

During your submission, specify in your cover letter that you are submitting a manuscript based on a presentation in ISAF. The article processing charge for OJ-UFFC will be waived for manuscripts submitted until 31 December 2023. Manuscripts submitted to OJ-UFFC will enjoy the benefits of peer review to improve the quality of the publication and the authors will be able to list these publications under peer-reviewed publications. 

Each manuscript must be unpublished and not be under consideration elsewhere. The submitted manuscript must be prepared for potential publication according to the OJ-UFFC guidelines. By submitting a manuscript, all authors confirm that the work is original. Figures, tables, and reported results are original contributions and accurately reflect the presented work at the conference. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to obtain consent from all co-authors and sponsors before submission.

All articles published in OJ-UFFC are evaluated in accordance with the requirements set forth in the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) Operations Manual (Sections 8.2). More detailed information on the review process can be found at text formatsors.