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Yakov L. Vorokhovsky, President & CEO of Morion, Inc., passed away on August 9, 2017 at the age of 69. He was born on May 13, 1948 in the family of a Soviet Army officer and a doctor – both were active participants of the Second World War. He graduated from a high school in Kronstadt with a gold medal. In 1972 he graduated from Physico-mechanical faculty of Leningrad Polytechnic Institute with distinction and degree of “engineer-physicist”. Yakov Vorokhovsky started at Morion, Inc. in April of 1972. Morion was the only company his life was devoted to. He took various positions – from engineer to Head of R&D. He specialized in research and development of precision IHQR (internally heated quartz resonators (crystals)) and OCXOs, taking an active part in their production. In 1979 he received a PhD degree. In difficult times for Russia, Yakov Vorokhovsky took on great responsibilities for Morion, Inc. and on August 15, 1994 he became it’s President & CEO . Yakov Vorokhovsky experienced many difficulties, but he managed to keep the company profitable and operating. “I wanted to prove that high-tech products can be produced in Russia.” And he did it! In the year 2001, the annual “C.B. Sawyer Award” was granted to Yakov L. Vorokhovsky “…for outstanding entrepreneurship in leading Morion, Inc. to become a world class company and for the years dedicated to the quartz industry…”. This award is the highest award in the quartz industry. His “Morion” entered the world market with proprietary, competitive technologies and products. Yakov Vorokhovsky is the author of approximately 50 published works in the field of frequency control products, has 16 inventions, a book, “Piezoelectric resonators”, a number of reports at different international forums. His work has been marked by many state awards. Dr. Vorokhovsky was an honorable member of the electronic industry. Morion’s Team mourns and brings deep condolences to the relatives and friends of Yakov Vorokhovsky. A bright memory of him will always remain in our hearts. This obituary was taken from the Morion website.

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