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Thrygve Meeker was born in 1929 in Pottstown, PA to the late: Thrygve H. and Mabel (MacIntire) Meeker. He was married to his loving wife Joan (Honce), for 61 years. In 1951 he received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Ursinus College and his M.S. and Ph.D. in physics and chemistry, in 1954 and 1956, from the University of Delaware. In 1955 he joined Bell Labs where he addressed many of the important practical issues in communications related ultrasonic technology. As a Manager he helped develop the most complex monolithic crystal filter ever put into manufacture and led the development of the SAW timing recovery filter for the transatlantic fiber cable. Dr. Meeker was a leader in revising the IEEE piezoelectricity standards and received the IEEE Centennial Medal, in 1984 for his lifetime professional support of ultrasonics. In 1985, he received the IEEE UFFC Sawyer Award “”For his contributions to the theory and design of piezoelectric quartz devices.” He had served as president of the IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society in 1965-1966. He had published some of his technical contributions. A selection of his articles and patents are listed below. He also authored “Theory and Properties of Piezoelectric Resonators and Waves,” Chapter 2 of Volume 2, in Precision Frequency Control, Edited by Eduard A. Gerber and Arthur Ballato, Academic Press, Inc., 1985. Dr. Meeker was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, the American Chemical Society and the American Physical Society. He was predeceased by his parents and siblings Marjorie Middeler, J. Theodore Meeker, and Lawrence A. Meeker. Survivors: Wife Joan, Children: Linda Young and husband David, Diane Bartels, Thrygve K. Meeker and wife Barbara. Grandchildren: Samuel Young and Benjamin Young. Siblings Maurice Meeker and Marilyn Jones. A selection of Thryg Meeker’s publications and patents (from Google Scholar): Clock recovery and retiming scheme with saw filter phase trimming to achieve desired system phase adjustment PC Davis, DC Farley, SH Kravitz, TR Meeker… – US Patent…, 1987 – Google Patents
A clock recovery and data retiming circuit is disclosed which utilizes a SAW filter to form the recovered clock signal. The phase shift of the received data signal associated with various attenuation and distortion effects of the communication channel is compensated for and …The aging of bulk acoustic wave resonators, filters and oscillators JR Vig, TR Meeker – … Control, 1991., Proceedings of the 45th …, 1991 – The aging of quartz crystal resonators, filters, and oscillators is reviewed, including the topics of: the impacts of aging, typical aging characteristics, aging specifications, aging mechanisms, temperature dependence of aging, frequency and overtone dependence of … Small ripple surface acoustic wave filter with low insertion loss TR Meeker, WS Tsay – US Patent 4,577,169, 1986 – Google Patents A surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter is disclosed which exhibits both low insertion loss and small ripple in the passband, requirements which were considered mutually exclusive in the prior art. In accordance with the present invention, apodized group-type recessed …Thickness mode piezoelectric transducers
TR Meeker – Ultrasonics, 1972 – Elsevier Abstract This paper is a tutorial review of the theory of the simple thickness mode piezoelectric transducer. The usual differential equations and constitutive relations are used to obtain general impedance equations for the transducer with arbitrary boundary …Determination of Elastic Constants of Isotropic Materials at Megacycle Frequencies
TR Meeker, AH Meitzler – The Journal of the Acoustical Society of …, 1961 –
The frequency dependence of the phase and group velocities for longitudinal and flexural waves in a plate provides the basis for several convenient methods of determining elastic constants. In these methods two independent elastic constants are determined in strip- …
Method and apparatus for bonding transducer elements DR Herriott, JS Jones, TR Mecker… – US Patent 3,453,166, 1969 – Google Patents … 0C. United States Patent 3,453,166 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR BONDING TRANSDUCER ELEMENTS Donald R. Herriott, Morris Township, Morris County, NJ, and Joseph S. Jones, Emmaus, and Thrygve R. Meeker and Kurt Reznicek, Allentown, Pa., assignors to Bell …Prion protein detection
D Maureen, W HANSON, T MEEKER – US Patent App. 11/675,950, 2007 – Google Patents
An example embodiment of the invention includes a method of performing an assay comprising the steps of (1) providing a multimode waveguide;(2) fixing one or more fluidic cells to the multimode waveguide, wherein each of the one or more fluidic cells including … Grating diffraction instrument for measuring ultrasonic phase velocity in liquids
EP Papadakis, TR Meeker – Review of Scientific Instruments, 1982 – An instrument is described for the measurement of ultrasonic phase velocity in liquids. The principle of measurement is gratingdiffraction which diverts an incoming ultrasonic wave generated by a transmitting transducer and aims it at a receiving transducer. The …

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