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University of Glasgow
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Sandy Cochran is Professor of Ultrasound Materials and Devices, Head of Research Division and Deputy Head of the James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow. He has been involved in ultrasound research for more than 35 years, working in materials and devices for applications including biomedical imaging and therapy, power ultrasonics, underwater sonar, and non-destructive testing at different Scottish universities. He is UFFC-S VP Symposia, having held previous roles as VP Ultrasonics and Chair of the IUS Technical Program Committee Transducers and Materials Group. He was General Co-Chair for IUS 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and author of ~300 papers, book chapter and patents as well as ~200 conference presentations.

IEEE UFFC Position History:
  • 2021-   Vice President Symposia (UFFC-S Officers)
  • 2021-   Past Vice President Ultrasonics (Ultrasonics Standing Committee)
  • 2021-   Vice President Symposia (Finance Committee)
  • 2021-   Vice President Symposia (Administrative Committee)
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