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Kartik Sondhi, a diligent semiconductor R&D professional combines a rich academic background with extensive industry experience. Currently serving as a Staff R&D Engineer at Western Digital, Kartik specializes in developing cutting-edge thin-film processes for 3D NAND technology, demonstrating expertise in areas such as thin-film deposition techniques such as: PECVD, ALD and area selective deposition (ASD) and ferroelectrics. With a Ph.D. and dual-Master's degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida, Kartik has honed skills in semiconductor fabrication and characterization techniques. Notable achievements include presenting at esteemed conferences and contributing to numerous publications and patents. Kartik's dedication to innovation and collaborative problem-solving underscores a commitment to advancing technology with humility and integrity.

IEEE UFFC Position History:
  • 2024-Present   Newsletter Deputy Editor in Chief (Newsletter Editors)
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