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VREMYA-CH JSC is a private Russian company located in Nizhny Novgorod, a city with developed industry and science, celebrating 800th anniversary in 2021.

Main activities of VREMYA-CH are development and production of high-precision measurement instruments for timekeeping and frequency comparison:

  • active and passive hydrogen masers for ground and space applications;
  • rubidium atomic fountains;
  • frequency comparators, synthesizers, and distribution amplifiers;
  • atomic clock ensemble systems;
  • rubidium oscillators;
  • synchronizing equipment for telecom networks.

VREMYA-CH instruments are used in many national metrological centers around the world. Our active hydrogen masers make a significant contribution to International Atomic Time.

The main staff of VREMYA-CH now is 350 engineers and skilled workers including 15 candidates and doctors of science. Since April 2000 VREMYA-CH has ISO–9002 certificate. VREMYA-CH produces and delivers more than 150 H-masers of different types per year.

Highly qualified specialists, unique technologies covered full production cycle, and over 25 years experience allows reaching excellent metrological precision and continue improving quality of VREMYA-CH instruments.

List of serial products:

Active and passive hydrogen masers: VCH-2021* with ADEV < 1.5e-16 @ 1 day, VCH-1003M (Opt. L), VCH-1008

Rubidium oscillators: VCH-210

Frequency comparators and calibrators: VCH-311, VCH-313, VCH-314, VCH-315(M), VCH-320, VCH-323

Output signal generators and distributors: VCH-604, VCH-605, VCH-606, VCH-317

Telecom synchronization equipment: VCH-001, VCH-002, VCH-003, VCH-1008C, VCH-311C

* Deliveries of VCH-2021 will begin in 2022.