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Vescent develops and manufactures novel electronic, electro-optic, and laser technologies serving the optical physics, electrical engineering, and physical & analytical chemistry communities. Our scientists and engineers are continuously developing cutting-edge solutions to technical challenges which allow us to feature a powerful suite of high-bandwidth, low-noise lasers and other photonics tools.

We offer precision, tunable, narrow-band cw diode lasers in both a bench-top format and compact, purpose-specific OEM modules. We are well known for the superior performance of our laser drive and control electronics and accessory electro-optics modules. Working together, they provide primary frequency standards and the photonics front end for many laser-based investigations, including cooling & trapping, quantum sensing, and precision timekeeping. As stand-alone instruments they add performance and value to DYI and 3rd party optical experiments and devices.

Vescent has now introduced a line of self-referenced, octave-spanning frequency comb products based on an all-fiber design. These combs offer the stability required for precision timekeeping, low-noise rf generation, and wavelength calibration where no convenient standard exists. Factory-matched repetition rates of multiple systems enable dual-comb spectroscopy.

Vescent is also the exclusive US distributor for Menhir Photonics, offering their low-phase noise gigahertz mode-locked laser system.