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For over seventy years, SAES Group has been the leading supplier of UHV and XHV solutions based on the Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) technology for a variety of applications, spanning from consumer electronics up to scientific research areas. These solutions include compact NEG pumps with a large pumping speed for active atmospheric gases and, in particular, hydrogen, without generating vibrations or magnetic fields. SAES NEG pumps are made of reacting metal alloys shaped in the form of highly porous sintered getter disks. The result is an extremely compact, lightweight and high performance Ultra High Vacuum pump featuring extremely high pumping speeds for all the active gas species, like H2, H2O, CO, CO2, N2 and O2. 

In 2011, SAES Group introduced the NEXTorr® pump, a revolutionary product that combines the NEG and sputtering ion pump technologies. NEXTorr pumps are a compact one flange pumping solution for UHV and XHV systems, including basic and applied research applications as well as industrial equipment.

In 2014, SAES group added the CapaciTorr HV pumps to its pump line, extending the benefits of NEG pumping to the high vacuum regime (1×10-9 to 1×10-6 Torr). This unprecedented result for a NEG pump was made possible thanks to the last developed getter alloy, named ZAO®: depending on the needs, the ZAO alloy can be tuned in order to obtain HV, UHV or XHV disks​.

SAES is an innovation driven reality and keeps developing solutions for contributing and supporting the evolution of essential areas for the global community.