DAXSONICS Ultrasound

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We provide technical expertise and engineering support for emerging applications in advanced ultrasound technologies.

Daxsonics offers services to help companies develop ultrasound products. We work at all stages of the life cycle providing a range of services including R&D, acoustic stack design, transducer design, electronics, software design, firmware design, and system integration. Our team of industry-leading experts consistently comes up with creative solutions to help develop market-disrupting products. We specialize in:

  • High-frequency (>30MHz) ultrasound transducer and beamformer design
  • Transducers and electronics for high-intensity focused ultrasound for thermal ablation and histotripsy
  • Transducer design for small packaging and high-volume, low-cost manufacturing
  • Advanced signal and image processing
  • Artificial intelligence and computer vision programming applied to ultrasound imaging