Student Photo Competition at ISAF 2017

October 18, 2017 | Contributed By - Yumei Wang
Science & Life @ ISAF 2017

The ISAF 2017-Student Photo Competition was organized by the IEEE UFFC-S AdCom Student Representatives at the 2017 Joint IEEE ISAF-IWATMD-PFM Conference. The theme of this traditional event was “Science & Life @ ISAF 2017”. Students were encouraged to record their life at the conference with artistic photos. Students were required to submit the photos with short descriptions during the conference (from 6.00 pm of May 7 to 10.00 am of May 10). Finally, 3 winners were selected and prizes (Gold, Silver and Bronze) were announced at the conference banquet.

After the ISAF 2017 conference, an on-line survey on the conference and the photo competition was conducted. Students enjoyed the conference and the photo competition. Thus we plan to continue this photo competition event in the future.

Judges for the competition
  • Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb (conference’s General Chair)
  • Iaroslav Gaponenko (conference’s General Secretary)
  • Joel Harley (IEEE UFFC-S AdCom Student Advisor)
  • Cindy Wu (Student Representative)
  • Doug Bopp (Student Representative)
  • Gabriela Torres (Student Representative)
  • Gongbin Tang (Student Representative)
  • Ruonan Liu (Student Representative)
  • Yumei Wang (Student Representative)
Submitted pictures with descriptions, including the winners

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