Job Descriptions for IEEE UFFC-S Leaders and Volunteers

August 24, 2017 | Contributed By - Jian-yu Lu, 2016-2017 Junior Past President of UFFC-S

The IEEE UFFC-S has recently completed a document on Job Descriptions for IEEE UFFC-S Leaders and Volunteers. It can be found on the web site with the governing documents.

For those interested in volunteering

It will help learn:

  • what positions exist in the IEEE UFFC-S,
  • what the basic expectations are for each position, and
  • the requirements for appointment.

This information can also be used to identify positions that correspond well to individual backgrounds and interests. It should help to evaluate the time investment necessary to serve in each role.

For those already active in IEEE UFFC-S leadership

The descriptions can be used to better plan tasks and streamline processes to best manage key responsibilities.

Topics summary

The document can be accessed by clicking here. On-line, the table of contents will guide you in a click or two toward the position descriptions you search. By downloading the document you will obtain access to bookmarks that will provide additional help in navigating within the document.

The document covers the following positions in 36 sections:

(1) Positions of Some UFFC-S Officers (Voting Members): (i) UFFC-S President; (ii) President-Elect; (iii) Junior and Senior Past Presidents; (iv) UFFC-S Secretary and Treasurer

(2) Positions of Six Vice Presidents (VPs) of IEEE UFFC-S (Voting Members): (i) VPs for three Technical Standing Committees: I.e., Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control; (ii) The other three VPs on operations: Symposia, Finance, and Publications

(3) Positions of IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control (TUFFC): (i) Editor-in-Chief (EIC); (ii) EIC-Elect of TUFFC; (iii) Associate Editors and Editorial Board members; (iv) Guest Editors

(4) Positions on Other UFFC-S Publications: (i) EIC of UFFC-S Website; (ii) EIC of UFFC-S Newsletter; (iii) Proceedings Chairs of the three annual UFFC-S symposia

(5) Positions of Some UFFC-S Standing Committee Chairs: (i) Awards Chair; (ii) Fellows Chair; (iii) History Chair; (iv) Member Services Chair; (v) Chapters Chair; (vi) Education Chair; (vii) Women-in-Engineering (WIE) Chair; (viii) Nominations Chair; (ix) Standards Chair; and (x) Strategic Planning Chair

(6) Positions of UFFC-S Ad Hoc Committee Chairs

(7) Positions of UFFC-S Elected AdCom Members (12 Voting Members)

(8) Positions of UFFC-S AdCom Student Representatives (up to 6)

(9) Positions of UFFC-S AdCom Emeriti (an honorary position recommended by the UFFC-S Awards Committee and approved by the UFFC-S AdCom)

(10) Positions of UFFC-S Representatives to Entities outside of UFFC-S

(11) Positions of the General Chairs and Symposium Finance Chairs of IEEE UFFC-S annual symposia

(12) Also, this document covers some of the tasks of the UFFC-S Administrator.

Last updated On: June 15, 2018