Ultrasonics Links

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Research Institutes, Groups, and Universities
North America
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
Applied Research Laboratory
Penn State University
Best Technology (USA)
Supplier of manual and automated ultrasonic cleaning systems and ultrasonic vapor degreasers for use with aqueous and solvent chemistry
Bioacoustics Research Laboratory (Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology)
studies the interaction of ultrasound with biological materials as well as ultrasound imaging in biology and medicine
Biomedical Ultrasonics Laboratory
University of Michigan (USA), Ultrasonic Imaging, Elasticity Imaging, and Ultrasound Therapy (Hyperthermia), US images, and US data sets.
Fraunhofer Technology Center Hialeah (USA)
Acoustic, Ultrasound
Industrial Materials Institute
National Research Council Canada
ISU Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (USA)
Focuses on the research and development of new theories and techniques for use in quantitative NDE.
JPL’s Nondestructive Evaluation and Advanced Actuators (NDEAA) Lab
Established in May 1991 by Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen , who is the Group Leader. The lab staff is Dr. Xiaoqi Bao, Dr. Zensheu Chang, Dr. Sean Leary, Dr. Virginia Olazábal, Dr. José-María Sansiñena, and Dr. Stewart Sherrit. Concerned with innovation and technology transfer to space, medical and other fields.
Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center
Facilties include research, computation, laboratory, administrative, and warehouse. Features a number of large antennas to receive available oceanographic and meteorological satellite data, a magnetic observatory constructed of nonferrous materials in an electromagnetically quiet area, a pattern analysis laboratory, a map data formatting facility, a water-wave channel, and numerous laboratories for acoustic and oceanographic computation, instrumentation, analysis, and testing.
NDE Technologies at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)
Includes links to articles. Research and development includes focus on composite materials using leaky Lamb waves and Polar Backscattering, robotic NDE, and sensors.
Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound
Provides an environment where professionals can join together to investigate the use of very high frequency sound waves in medical diagnosis and treatment along with other medical imaging bioeffects endeavors.
Stanford RockPhysics Project
RockPhysics Laboratory: Acoustic Microscopy of Rocks, Physical Properties of rocks and sediments
Stanford University (USA)
Khuri-Yakub Ultrasonics Group
Ultrasound Laboratory at Drexel University
Transducer design and nonlinear acoustics.
Ultrasound Research Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh
The Epidemiology Ultrasound Research Laboratory (URL) is a shared resource that provides non-invasive vascular testing of research quality for studies ongoing in the Department of Epidemiology. The URL is part of the support structure for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Cardiovascular Institute of Preventative Heart Care Center, at the UPMC University Center in Oakland.
University of Michigan
Ultrasound Group
University of Toledo
Establishment of the Ultrasound Laboratory at the University of Toledo started from September, 1997, after the lab director relocated from the Mayo Clinic/Foundation, Rochester, Minnesota, to the University of Toledo as a professor and received a long-term grant award from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for developing a high frame rate 3D ultrasound imaging system. The University of Toledo has provided large lab space and offices. In addition, the University has provided funds for the lab construction, equipment purchasing, and support for personnel.
US Radar
Technological leader in the design and innovation of surface and ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems. If you need to see what is on the other side of a surface, the high-profile Seeker SPR technology can safely help you define what you can’t see with the naked eye.
Virginia Medical Ultrasound Technology Group
University of Virginia

Applied Acoustics Laboratory
KAIST, South Korea
Otsuka Lab (Japan)
Research Interests: High Power Ultrasound Source, Application of Ultrasound Energy, Ultrasonic Windmill Visualization of Ultrasound field Acoustic Streaming
Ueha & Nakamura Lab (Japan)
Introduction page of Ueha & Nakamura lab research activities.

Bimedical Engineering Group (Denmark)
Includes the Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging and CADUS.
Cambridge Ultrasonics
Cambridge Ultrasonics is an R&D service provider specializing in the development of novel ultrasonic systems for clients. Skills are in: physics, mathematics, electronics, software, ultrasonic technology, experimental visualization of ultrasound and FE modelling. Over 25 years experience in the field. Clients include: government agencies, large multinational businesses, small businesses, universities and research institutes. Experience in oil and gas business, flow-metering, concrete inspection and monitoring, medical imaging, nuclear monitoring. For more information click here, or here.
Creatis (France)
Modeling of ultrasound image formation with a generalized approach from 1D to 2D and 3D. Modeling ultrasound contrast agents for an adapted imaging. Development of methods for extracting of ultrasound information.
Department of Biomedical Engineering & Physics / Clinical Physics
University of Vienna, Austria
Department of Ultrasonics and Acoustics
Uni Duisburg (Germany)
DMV UK is a well established specialist supplier of portable testing and measuring instruments.
ET/IT, Mess- und Sensortechnik
Measurement and Sensor Technology, Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany)
Erasmus University
FORCE Institute (DK)
Profile, news, products, services, and e-services.
Fraunhofer Institut Biomedizinische Technik – Germany
Offers solutions for individual tasks in the areas of medical engineering, sensor- and measuring technologies, ultrasound technologies.
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine,
Research in the Dynamics Section is concerned with a wide spectrum of phenomena which involve the dynamic behaviour of structures. At one end of this spectrum are the problems which threaten the integrity of critical structures such as aircraft and aero engines, while at the other end there are problems of the environmental pollution of noise.
Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden NHS Trust (UK)
Ultrasound and Optics
Instituto de Acústica (Spain)
Departament of Signals, Systems and Ultrasonic Technologies
Department of Ultrasonics of Polish Academy of Science (Warsaw)
Laboratoire de Mecanique et d’Acoustique du CNRS
Marseille, France
Laboratoire UltraSons, Signaux et Instrumentation
Université de Tours-France
Laboratory of Seismics and Acoustics
Delft University of Technology
Oxford University Medical Vision Laboratory
Medical Vision Laboratory
Ruhr-Centre of Competence for Medical Engineering
The Ruhr-Centre of Competence for Medical Engineering (Kompetenzzentrum Medizintechnik Ruhr: KMR) in Bochum deals with ultrasound systems and applications (R&D). The”Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik”at the Ruhr-university Bochum is also involved in the KMR.
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (UK)
Ultrasonics and Digital Signal Processing Laboratory.
Signals and Systems, Uppsala University, Sweden
Our activities span most of Electrical Engineering, with research in signal processing, communications, learning systems, non-destructive testing, microwave systems, and control. We are responsible for over 30 courses.
The Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering
University of Strathclyde, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.
Ultrasonic imaging by :maurits van der Heiden, Delft University of Technology, The Nehterlands
Home page of Maurits van der Heiden : High Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging
Ultrasonic Technology Department
ITR (Poland, Warsaw) – power ultrasonic
Ultrasound Institute
Profile, activities and publications of this Lithuanian institute offering ultrasonic solutions for industry.
University of Cambridge
3D Freehand ultrasound imaging
Underwater Acoustics Research Group
Loughborough University (UK)
University College London
Medical Graphics and Imaging Group, UCL/UCL Hospitals
University of Bath
Underwater acoustics and medical ultrasonics
University of Leipzig (Germany)
Prof. Wolfgang Grill, Ultrasonic Microscopy, Viscosimetry.
Medical Ultrasound
Aloka (Japan)
medical ultrasound devices
Analogic (USA)
Produces complete systems as well as separate sub-systems.
B-K Medical (DK)
Medical equipment manufacturer of ultrasound scannners and transducers.
Ascension Technology Corporation
Software for 3D ultrasound.
Biomedicom (Israel)
Manufacturer of SonoReal – the gateway to an upgraded state-of-the-art 3D ultrasound system, offering advanced volumetric imaging on an existing 2D instrument. It is a fully integrated system comprising an exclusive data acquisition transducer, advanced Sono3D – visualization software, trackball and unique miniature computer.
Carolina Medical
Manufacturer of a hand-held ultrasound scanner.
Classic Medical Supply, Inc. (USA)
research, development, manufacturing and marketing of diagnostic ultrasound scanners for human, veterinary and animal science.
Cortex Technology (DK)
ultrasonic equipment for dermatology.
Diagnostic Ultrasound
manufactures and markets ultrasound products to diagnose, manage and treat patients with urinary outflow.
Dynamic Imaging (UK)
medical diagnostic ultrasound equipment
medical equimpment manufacturer of ultrasound systems.
Esaote – Biosound Esaote Ultrasound (USA)
Medical ultrasound – Manufacturer of ultrasound systems for multiple specialties.
Esaote – Pie Medical (NL)
develops diagnostic ultrasound scanners for medical, veterinary and animal science applications (Esaote Group)
Echoson S.A. (PL)
medical devices.
Fukuda Denshi 
medical equipment manufacturer of ultrasound systems.
GE Corporate Research and Development (USA)
Research and development of ultrasound systems.
GE Medical Systems (USA)
Comprehensive family of ultrasound products addressing applications including: radiology, cardiac, OB/GYN, urology, vascular and breast imaging.
Hitachi (Japan)
medical imaging devices.
Idems Ultrasonic Ltd. (Israel)
2D, 2.5D and 3D probes.
Imaging Associates Inc.
Visualization software.
JS Spectromed (Russia)
developer and producer of the computer-based ultrasonic diagnostic equipment: peripheral and transcranial Doppler systems; A-scanner; doppler system and brain A-scanner; multipurpose B-scanner.
Kees Goebel Medical (USA)
potrable medical imaging devices.
McCue (UK)
devices for diagnosis of osteoporosis.
Medison (Korea)
medical ultrasound devices (inclusive 3-D).
Nicolet Vascular Inc. (USA)
obstetric and vascular hand-held and diagnostic ultrasound systems.
Oktus (PL)
medical imaging devices
Parks Medical Electronics, Inc.
manufacturer of doppler ultrasound devices.
Philips Ultrasound
a large menufacturer of medical ultrasound systems.
Pie Data
hand-held and mobile ultrasound systems.
Shimadzu (Japan)
manufacturer of medical diagnostic devices
Siemens Medical Systems, Inc.
Diagnostic devices
Siemens Medical Systems – Acuson (USA)
Large manufacturer and service provider of diagnostic medical ultrasound systems that generate, display, archive and retrieve ultrasound images.
Sonometrics Corporation
Manufacture sonomicrometer transducers and data acquisition devices for medical, cardiac, and biological research. Application notes, news and events and technical publications.
SonoSite (USA)
portable, hand-carried medical imaging devices (ATL spin off).
Sunlight Omnisense
Ultrasound device for diagnosing Osteoporosis
Telemed (Lithuania)
PC-card based medical ultrasonography devices
Terason (USA)
Division of Teratech Corporation, portable ultrasound system.
Teson (Elpol S.A.) (PL)
medical imaging devices
TomTec Imaging Systems (Germany)
3D/4D Ultrasound products
Toshiba (Japan)
Large manufacturer of medical systems.
Ultrasonix (CAN) 
Developed a medical scanner using a PC architecture
Alba Ultrasound
Alba Ultrasound specialises in designing and manufacturing ultrasonic transducers and arrays from 1-3 piezocomposite materials. Their products are for both the underwater sonar and NDT markets.
American Medical Design (USA)
designs and manufactures ultrasound transducers and piezocomposites for medical, industrial and marine applications
Advanced Transducer Services, Inc
ATS sells new and refurbished ultrasound machines and transducers, as well as ultrasound parts and supplies.
Boston Scientific
intravascular ultrasound catheters
Etalon Inc.
Manufacture ultrasonic transducers, sensors, and piezo devices. Product specifications and resource links.
International Transducer Corporation
Manufacturer of acoustic transducers for ship and submarine sonar, oceanographic survey, seismic exploration, marine life research, medical devices and industrial proximity sensing.
Krautkramer Inc
Provider of ultrasonic instruments, transducers and applications . Training programmes, technical reference, publications and product literature. Germany.
ONDA corporation
hydrophones and transducers
Panametrics Inc.
Manufacture a range of ultrasonic nondestructive testing instrumentation and process control instrumentation . Product features and specifications and employment opportunities.
Precision Acoustics Ltd.
Manufacture PVDF hydrophones and 2D hydrophone arrays for high frequency ultrasound measurement and ultrasound transducers for research and non destructive testing. United Kingdom .
Sigma Transducers Inc.
Manufacture focused dual angle beam, mechanized for automated systems, and high temperature transducers . Links to nondestructive testing resources.
Sound Technology Inc.
design, development and manufacturing of diagnostic medical ultrasound transducers. White papers describing some of the technology, FAQs and news .
Ultran Laboratories Inc.
Manufacture ultrasound instrumentation and systems for nondestructive analysis . Products include non contact transducers . Catalog available in pdf format .
ultrasound transducers
Transcranial Doppler
Multigon Industries
transcranial doppler system
Spencer Technologies
Contrast Agents
Contrast agents for medical imaging.
Molecular Biosystems
Point Biomedical
Contrast agents for ultrasound imaging.
Sonus Pharmaceuticals
Drug delivery
consulting services in medical ultrasound instrumentation with special emphasis on signal processing algorithms and techniques, including flow estimation.
Larry Busse
Tel: 859-344-1464
consulting firm specializing in the design, development, and review of ultrasound imaging devices. Firm also develops custom scientific (ultrasonic) software written in C/C++, IDL, and MATLAB.
Ken Bates
Tel: 503-627-0275
Charles Desilets
Tel: 425-673-8886
Charles F. Hottinger
Tel: 408-741-1006
George Keilman
Tel: 425-485-2564
Pete Melton
Email: Tel: 408-541-9533
Jerry Posakony
Tel: 509-943-6256
Krell Engineering
Krell Engineering designs custom medical and industrial ultrasonic resonators (horns / sonotrodes / probes, boosters, transducers / converters) for frequencies between 10 kHz and 100 kHz.
Dental Ultrasound
Apoza Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
dental equipment: ultrasonic scaler, curing light, autoclave, prophy jet.
Odonto-Wave (USA)
high frequency magnetostrictive scaler that can be rendered sterile. The entire fluid delivery pathway is autoclavable. In addition, the HF frequency of 42,000 CPS and the very small tip amplitude of 0.01-0.02 mm. provide efficiency and patient comfort.
Veterinary Ultrasound
Animal Imaging Systems (Canada)
Animal Imaging Systems (AIS) – diagnostic imaging agents for the animal healthcare industry including 3D Ultrasound & Tekappran radiopharmaceutical for nuclear scintigraphy.
Choice Medical Systems, Inc.
New and pre-owned veterinary ultrasound, transducers, accessories, and supplies. Exclusive southeast distributor for Aloka ultrasound.
Classic Medical (USA, Canada)
Offering new and used veterinary and animal science diagnostic ultrasound systems, biopsy guides, video printers and other support supplies.
Draminski (PL)
Electronics in Agriculture – manufacturer of electronic devices for agriculture, animal breeders and dairy industry.
Indus Instruments (USA)
Ultrasound for Mouse and Small Animal Research (cardiovascular, heart, lung research).
PharVision (USA)
800 gram 50S Tringa portable diagnostic ultrasound system used for early gestation identification in ruminant and swine applications.
Products Group International
Veterinary and Used Medical Ultrasound equipment, products and accessories.
Proxima medical systems GmbH
Manufacturer of diagnostic ultrasound systems. Small-animals, large-animals, breeding, farmers, OEM production. ISO 9001/EN46001
Remote Veterinary Consultants
Ultrasound and telemedicine for veterinary doctors.
Manufacturers of ultrasonic instrumentation for early pregnancy detection and measurement of backfat and loin thickness in medium to large mammals. For animal use only.
Springwood Livestock Management Services
Specializing in herd health preventative medicine reproductive problem solving ultrasounding synchronization and artificial insemination programs
VisualSonics (Canada)
High resolution ultrasound imaging of mice and small animals — in vivo
Vmed Technology, Inc.
Manufactures veterinary products for professional use including ultrasonic Dopplers, animal blood pressure monitors and VacuPads surgical support devices.
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Links and information
Alain Boucaud Home Page
Sonophoresis : the use of ultrasound to enhance transdermal drug delivery ; Sonophorese : utilisation des ultrasons pour l’administration de molécules et de médicaments par voie transdermique
Ultrasound in Wound Healing
Author: Joseph McCulloch, PT, PhD LSU Medical Center, Director of the Physical Therapy Department
Duffield Medical (UK)
Vendor of therapeutic ultrasonic devices.
Labthermics Technologies, Inc. (USA)
medical therapy products company dedicated to improving cancer treatment (using microwaves and ultrasound).
Nemectron GmbH (Germany)
ultrasonic therapeutic devices
Palo Alto Center For Ultrasonic Liposuction Information
UAL uses sound waves (ultrasound) to liquify unwanted fat deposits.
Physiomed Elektromedizin GmbH (Germany)
therapeutic ultrasound devices
Rich-Mar Corporation
A web site designed for physical therapists, Rich-Mar provides a complete product line of ultrasound and stimulation equipment.
Sonotron – ADM Tronics, Inc. (USA)
Electronic Therapeutic Device Reduces pain and edema while increasing range of motion
Therus Corp. (USA)
Therapeutic ultrasound products that provide cost-effective, less invasive and noninvasive surgical treatment of benign and malignant disease, and the management of bleeding.
Bat Detectors
Belfry Bat Detector
Hand built to order, an assembled unit that is portable, small, lightweight and is powered by a 9 volt battery.
Bertrik’s bat detector page
Information on building your own bat detector
Convergence Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Bat detectors
Laar Bioacoustic
Sound analysis software, highspeed harddisk recording (ultrasound)for bats,dolphins,grasshoppers up to 500kHz sampling rate,multi-channel solutions,bat detectors,microphones,monitoring system
Pettersson Elektronik AB (Sweden)
Bat detectors
Stag Electronics
Bat detectors, books and CDs of bat echolocation, downloads of bat sounds and bat music.
Ultra Sound Advice (UK)
Various ultrasound devices (air ultrasound, bat detectors, and data logger).
Von Laar Media GmbH (Germany)
Bat detectors.
Advanced Material Solutions Inc.
Design and implement automated inspection stations for nondestructive testing. Ultrasonic system and services for the manufacturing industries.
Advanced NDT Instruments
Supply a range of NDT instruments. Products include thickness gauges, ultrasonic flaw detectors and transducers, corrosion mapping and U.V technology . United Kingdom .
Airmar Technology Corporation
Manufacture marine and industrial sensors using ultrasonic transducer technology. Airducer ultrasonic sensor catalog in pdf format.
AMDATA Technology
Provide standard and custom non-destructive examination (NDE) products and systems. Products include intraspect ultrasonic, eddy current, and phased array imaging systems and automated and manual scanners.
American Medical Design
Designs and manufactures ultrasound probes, transducers and piezocomposites for medical, industrial and marine applications.
American Remote Vision Corp. (USA)
Makers of advanced ultrasonic bolt gage to help torque wrench users and flange designers measure bolt tension, not just torque. Animation and many reference articles.
Andec MFG. LTD.
Supply nondestructive examination (NDE) equipment, instrumentation and accessory components. Products include ultrasonic and eddy current systems , c-scan systems, automotive part testing and aircraft wheel inspection systems . Canada .
Automated Inspection Systems Inc.
Offer nondestructive examination (NDE) equipment and applications development. Automated ultrasonic testing systems. Photo gallery of project inspections.
Beijing Yazhong Instrument Co.Ltd.
Develop, research, manufacture and sell non-destructive detecting instruments. Ultrasonic thickness gauge is the main product. China.
Bidwell Industrial Group, Inc
Manufacture a range of torque wrenches, tensioners and ultrasonic boltgages. Includes performance specifications.
Curtis Industries Inc.
Manufactures a range of ASNT standard and custom ultrasonic calibration blocks .
Dakota Ultrasonics
Manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic testing equipment servicing the petrochemical, aerospace, racing, and other generally related industries. Velocity chart and online catalog.
Diagnostic Sonar Ltd.
Medical ultrasound scanners, couplants and test objects. Non-destructive testing products especially real-time array systems which can be used for rapid manual inspection of large areas. United Kingdom.
Dr.Opara Kg
Manufacture industrial airborne sound sensors, measuring tools and systems for contact free distance and thickness measurements .
E2L Limited
Market ultrasonic test and condition monitoring systems. Also offer electronic product design and embedded systems .
EPD Technology Corp.
Offer a range of ultrasonic instruments for leak detection, mechanical and electrical inspection.
FlawTech, Inc.
Manufacturer of flawed specimens for training and qualification in the NDE industry. Features product listings with drawings and some pricing.
FORCE Instituttet
Independent non-profit institution approved by the Danish Ministry of Business and Industry. Offers services and products for testing and inspection, mechatronics and sensor technology.
Geotechnical Consulting & Testing Systems
Supply computer-controlled laboratory and in-situ testing systems for soil, rock, and construction materials. Including ultrasonic velocity testing, seismic cone penetrometer, pavement testing and shear modulus.
Gill Instruments Limited
Design and manufacture automotive electronics, ultrasonic anemometers and gas flow measurement systems . Product data sheets in pdf format and software downloads. United Kingdom .
Supply a range of ultrasonic transceivers, sensors, ultrasonic signal conditioners, positioning and guidance devices. Includes information on the principles of position and doppler .
Design and manufacture a wide range of ultrasonic transducers and solutions for industrial applications, NDT measurement, medical diagnosis and monitoring applications and medical therapy applications . France .
Ing. Büro Dr. Hillger (Germany)
Develops and builds ultrasonic imaging systems for high-tech materials like composites, ceramics and materials with high sound damping as concrete components.
Iris Inspection Services, Inc
Supplier of rotary ultrasonic wall thickness measurement instruments for heat exchangers and ultrasonic tube inspection services. Trade shows, distributor listing and NDT links and training.
JSR Ultrasonics, Inc.
Manufacturer of ultrasonic pulsers and receivers for ndt, analysis, material characterization, and process control; the company also manufacture digital cameras and digital imaging products. (now subsidiary of imagilent)
Karl Deutsch
Manufacture instruments and systems for non-destructive testing of materials. Books, information leaflets and technical papers. Germany .
Krautkramer Inc
Provider of ultrasonic instruments, transducers and applications . Training programmes, technical reference, publications and product literature. Germany .
MagneticPulse (USA)
Developer of patented pulsed power induction and acoustic logging technologies and processing software for borehole and cased hole measurements .
Matec Instruments Companies Inc.
Manufacture a range of ultrasonic inspection systems, instrumentation and PC cards for non-destructive testing and analysis.
Materials Systems Inc. (USA)
A technology developer and manufacturer of piezoelectric materials, piezoceramics, piezocomposites and piezoelectric transducers for sonar and ultrasonic applications.
Design and manufacture ultrasonic probes and systems and eddy current systems for non destructive testing . France .
NDT Solutions Ltd
Manufacture programmable ultrasonic systems and provide nondestructible testing and consultancy services . United Kingdom .
Nihon Demoa Kogyo Co. Ltd.
Manufacture quartz crystal electronic components, and ultrasonic transducers. Japan .
Nortek AS
Supply acoustic instruments for measuring water motion and software for real-time operation in the lab or field, analysis, visualization, presentation and reports. Norway.
NTR Systems, Inc.
Manufacture ultrasound measurement systems for the medical and industrial ultrasound industries. Product line includes scanning tanks, force balance radiometers, water conditioners and ultrasound sensors.
Ohmic Instruments
Supply a range of power meters and test instrumentation to health care facilities, and environmental monitoring sensors, transmitters and controllers.
Olson Instruments, Inc.
Supply a PC-based platform for testing coarse grained construction and manufacturing materials. Analysis of surface waves and ultrasonic pulse velocity. Exhibits, seminars and conference details.
Optel sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Research and development in biometric and acoustics. Fingerprint recognition with ultrasonic holographic camera. Ultrasonic technology: transducer, electronics, ut-pc cards, pulser and receivers (for emat’s too), amplifier, scanner for laboratory use, plastic pipe measurement.
Physical Acoustic Corporation
Designs and manufactures a range of acoustic emission (AE) sensors and instruments and nondestructive testing ultrasonic , eddy current and resistivity products.
Prowave Electronics Corp.
Develop and manufacture sensors, transducers and sensing materials for security, automation, medical diagnostics and automobiles. Taiwan .
Resource Engineering Inc.
Supply high accuracy coordinate measuring machines, ultrasonic scanners and laser digitizing systems.
Rhosonics (Netherlands)
Manufacture ultrasonic inline analyzers, sensors and probes for analysis of the concentration, density or composition of liquids, emulsions and slurries.
Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd (india)
Manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning devices and plants, welding machines, concret tester, NDT equipment, cont.welding machines and flaw detectors.
SeBo Technologies Ltd.
Develop data acquisition systems for ultrasonic applications and provides broad-based services in electronic hardware design. Israel .
Sensant Corp.
Design and manufacture advanced silicon-based ultrasonic transducers for air, immersion, and medical imaging applications. Operating principles, product comparisons and recent publications .
SensoTech GmbH (Germany)
manufacturer of ultrasonic concentration measuring devices with applicaton in polymerisation, crystallization and process controll
Sesp (UK) Ltd.
Ultrasonic repellers and deterrents, and sonic repellers for to keep bird, animal, and insect pests away .
Sigma Transducers Inc.
Manufacture focused dual angle beam, mechanized for automated systems, and high temperature transducers . Links to nondestructive testing resources.
SNT Sensortechnik AG
Research, develop and manufacture ultrasonic, fibreoptic and optical sensors, for level control and distance . Includes technical drawings of product range. Switzerland .
Sonatest Plc (UK)
Non Destructive Testing equipment, including Ultrasonic Flaw detectors and Thickness Gauges
Sonix Inc
Supply scanning acoustic microscopes, high speed A/D boards and ultrasonic immersion test systems.
Design and manufacture ultrasonic tracking systems for marine animals . Selected photographs, suggested reading and help with choosing the correct product .
Technology Design (UK)
Ultrasonic data acquisition and analysis systems.
UE Systems Inc
Manufacture portable and continuous ultrasonic instruments for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. Links to industry resources .
Ultran Laboratories Inc.
Manufacture ultrasound instrumentation and systems for nondestructive analysis . Products include non contact transducers . Catalog available in pdf format .
Ultrasons Technologies (France)
research company specializing in ultrasound engineering.
UltraSound Solutions Inc.
Industrial sensors for range finding in air and liquids.
Vigilant Scientific Instruments Ltd.
Supply a range of ultrasonic experimental kits and instruments for physical science laboratories, and electronic instruments for the laser and magnetic fields of research .
Supply devices for nondestructive testing based on measurement of natural oscillation frequency . Includes an article on the method of non-destructive acoustic testing. Russia .
Proximity Sensors
Banner Engineering Corp.
Manufactures integrated line of photoelectric sensors and machine safety products. Features new products, buy online, list of sales offices worldwide, and data sheets.
Baumer Electric
Manufactures a range of sensors including inductive, capacitive, photo electric, and ultrasonic. Includes product catalog and data sheets.
Honeywell Inc.
Manufacture a range of ultrasonic position sensors. Includes typical applications, installation instructions, product catalog, and technical data.
Hyde Park Electronics Inc.
Manufacture a range of ultrasonic sensors and transducers. Features product specifications, applications, and a distributor locator.
Lucas Power and Control Ltd.
Supply proximity switchs, optical switches, ultrasonic, inductive and sonar sensors. Includes product features and specifications.
Manufacture ultrasonic sensors. Features product data sheets, applications, and capabilities. Includes an ultrasonic technology overview.
Senix Corporation
Manufacture ultrasonic distance sensors for machinery and industrial automation including motion and loop control, liquid and solid levels, and proximity sensing. Includes applications and technology.
SNT Sensortechnik AG
Supply ultrasonic proximity switches and level detectors. Includes product applications and technical data in pdf format.
Power Ultrasound
Accusonics, Inc. (USA)
Manufacture ultrasonic horns and fixtures for plastic assembly applications; including full and half wave horns, composite horns, and carbide coated horns.
AEA Technology Sonoprocessing
Application of power ultrasound to crystallizing systems. Capabilities include laboratory, pilot-plant scale and industrial-scale studies. Products include a batch sonoreactor.
American GFM
Manufacture tooling equipment for crankshaft milling, ultrasonic cutting , sheet metal routing , core routing , forging , rolling mills and custom machine tools.
Anza Technology, Inc. (USA)
Manufacture a range of testing equipment including die adhesion, lead fatigue and bond pull. The company also manufacture ultrasonic bonders.
Aphalina Ltd. (Russia)
Manufacture a range of ultrasonic power equipment. Products include baths, sandwich vibrators and magnetostrictive vibrators. Russia.
Bullen Ultrasonics, Eaton, Ohio (USA)
Offer precision machining services using ultrasonic technology. Includes a description of ultrasonics at work.
CETAC Technologies Inc.
Manufacture ultrasonic nebulizers. Includes specifications and a range of comparison data.
Delforge GmbH (DE)
Manufacture ultrasonic equipment for water treatment in evaporation cooling tower circuits, that prevents algae and scale.
Dr. Hielscher GmbH
Supply ultrasonic processors from 12 watt up to 4000 watt with frequencies from 20 kHz up to 1. 6 Mhz.
Dukane (USA)
ultrasonic plastics assembly systems, ultrasonic welders, and underwater location devices.
EPAK electronics Ltd.
Offer a range of bonding capillaries, die pick up tools and collets and ultrasonic bonding wedges . United kingdom.
Guangzhou Mingzhu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
Manufacture ultrasonic anion humidifiers and cleaners. The company also manufacture conventional cleaners and mist generators. China.
HeatStakers Inc.
HeatStakers Inc. has solutions for plastic assembly from heat insertion machines to new and used ultrasonic welders and thermal welding equipment.
Manufacture mist producing and mist free ultrasonic humidifiers. Includes a humidifier sizing calculator and FAQs .
Industrial Ultrasonics
ndustrial Ultrasonics\x{2019} main focus is the design and manufacture of high quality ultrasonic welding horns and fixtures for use on all brands of ultrasonic welders.
Information Unlimited
Supply ultrasonic blasters and generators, which generate a protective shield of high pressure complex sonic shock waves that may be used for laboratory and field research.
Misonix Inc. (USA)
Designs, develops, and manufactures ultrasonic medical devices, scientific and industrial ultrasonic equipment, laboratory safety equipment, and air pollution control products.
Morko Co.Ltd.
Manufacture ultrasonic power supply systems that use diferal magnetostrictive transducers for ultrasonic energy production. Korea.
Orthodyne Electronics (USA)
Design and manufacture wire bonding equipment for the semiconductor, automotive, and industrial markets worldwide. The wire bonders ultrasonically weld aluminum wires ranging from 1.2-25 mil/33-625 microns in diameter.
Reson Inc.
Manufacture integrated sonar systems for naval, hydrographic, and off-shore applications, transducers, hydrophones, calibration equipment and high-power ultrasonic systems for industrial processes.
Ritec Inc. (USA)
High Power Ultrasonics. We manufacturer high power square wave pulsers and high power (> 5KW pulser power) gated amplifiers which are used with piezoelectric and electromagnetic acoustic transducers. Many of our amplifiers are sold as part of a complete measurement systems with a unique superheterodyne receiving system, which are used for non-destructive evaluation of materials.
Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd.
Design and manufacture a wide range of ultrasonic machines for welding, cleaning, sieving, non-destructive testing and sonochemistry . India
Sonic Systems
Designer and supplier of ultrasonic transducers and generators . Includes a technical paper on horn design . United Kingdom.
Manufacture a range of ultrasonic hand-tools for filing, cutting, repair, chasing and carving. Japan.
Toman Tool Corporation
Manufacture thermal and ultrasonic plastic assembly equipment and accessories. Includes extensive technical information on the use of ultrasonics.
Ultec AB
Provide humidification, dust suppression and gas cooling systems based on ultrasonic atomization systems . Sweden.
Ultrasonic Energy Systems (USA)
Manufacture ultrasonic generators and provide support for the exploration of the physical, chemical and biological effects of ultrasound.
Ultrasonic Engineering Ltd. (UK)
Enhancing the use of ultrasonic technology in the fields of cutting knives, plastic welding, ultrasonic cleaning and sonochemistry.
Ultrasonic Systems Incorporated
Supplier of spray fluxing equipment to the printed circuit board assembly industry. Develops, manufactures, and markets industrial spray coating equipment based upon its patented ultrasonic spray technology .
Uthe Technology, Inc.
Designs and manufactures ultrasonic power supplies and transducers, bond monitoring systems, and other bonding equipment peripherals used in semiconductor assembly and testing.
Valleylab (USA)
Design and manufacture electrosurgical and ultrasonic surgical equipment. Products include electrosurgical generators, vessel sealing system, electrosurgical pencils and patient return electrodes .
Verity Instruments, Inc.
Manufacture high-frequency ultrasonic bonding devices for wire bonding industry. Product line includes endpoint detectors, control computers, ultrasonic wire bonding, and software.
VOLMAR di Mario Vota s.a.s.
Manufactures a proprietary ultrasonic homogenizer, able to dissolve and disperse asphaltene heavy ends of fuel oils throughout the whole fuel oil flow, for steam boiler and diesel engines of ships and industrial plants. Italy.
American Sigma, Inc. (USA)
Manufacturer of Open Channel Flow Meters, Water Quality Monitors, Wastewater Samplers and Sewer System Management Software.
Badger Meter, Inc. (USA)
Manufacturer of products using flow measurement and control technology serving industrial and utility markets worldwide.
Compuflow (USA)
Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter.
Control Electronics Inc.
Manufacturers and designers of ultrasonic open-channel flowmeters, doppler flowmeters, level monitors and pump controllers. All meters have built-in data-logging.
Dynasonics (USA)
Ultrasonic and magnetic flow measurement.
EES Ultrasonic Flowmeter Division
Supply and rent out ultrasonic flowmeters for liquid control and measurement applications.
Eesiflo Ultrasonic
Supplier of ultrasonic instrumentation and clamp on flow meters
EMCO Industrial Products (USA)
Flowmeters for liquid, gas and steam applications. Family of flow meters assures proper technology for your flow measurement needs.
Flexim GmbH
Manufacturer of ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters and refractometers. Founded in 1990 in Berlin.
Flotec UK Limited (UK)
Transit-time clamp-on Ultrasonic flowmeter for fluid flow measurement
Fuji Electric
portable ultrasonic flowmeter.
Greyline Instruments (USA, Canada)
Manufacturer of non-contacting Flow Meters, Portable Doppler Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Level Controls, Tank Farm Monitors, Doppler Flow Meters, Flow Switches, Open Channel Flow Monitors
Hermann Ehlers GmbH
Ultraschall-Aufschnall, Clamp-on, Durchflusszähler, Pumpen, Ventile und Armaturen
Ultrasonic Flowmeter, also for rent, as inline measurement in PTFE or clamp-on flow meter pipe size 6 mm up to 6500 mm
J-TEC Associates, Inc. (USA)
founded in 1968, providing quality ultrasonic vortex flowmeters for engine, air, gas, steam, liquid applications.
Kam Controls Inc. (USA)
Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Kamstrup (DK)
Kamstrup energy metering, ultrasonic flowmeters.
Keison Products
The Prosonic Flow ultrasonic flow measurement, a clamp-on ultrasonic measurement.
Variable area, magnetic-inductive, ultrasonic, mass flowmeters; level measuring instruments; flow controllers. Manufacturer, global supplier.
NE Sensortec (Norway)
highly specialised company producing Ultrasonic Current Meters with optional sensors.
Polysonics, Inc. (USA)
ultrasonic flowmeters, open channel flowmeters, air flow measurement systems, process alarm monitors, pressure to current transducers, hydra, AVM.
Quantum Hydrometrie GmbH (Germany)
develops and sells hydrometric measurement solutions.
RS Hydro (UK)
Flow measurement specialists, who offer extensive hire, sales and consultancy services to companies requiring flow measurement services. They also sell, hire and calibrate ultrasonic flowmeters.
Signal Processing SA (Switzerland)
Ultrasonic Doppler velocimeters that measure in real time velocity profiles in liquid (used mainly for research applications – to understand how liquids flows – in university and industry.
Synergetik Gesellschaft für Industriesensorik mbH
Supply ultrasonic liquid flow meters and dsp based air flow meters. The company also offer contract development work on ultrasonic systems, environmental and medical technology and process control. Germany .

Manufacturers of Piezomaterials
A list of material and actuator suppliers
This homepage is one of the website of the JPL’s NDEAA Group.
APC International, Ltd
Manufacture piezoelectric ceramics, piezo buzzers, transducers, and fluid atomizers. Includes material characteristics and product data.
Established the first industrial production of GaPO4 (Gallium Phosphate) and now makes a new high performance piezoelectric crystal.
CeramTec AG (Germany)
Ceramics for high-technology applications in electronics, automotive, medical and chemical engineering.
CeraNova Corp. (USA)
Electroceramic composites for smart materials systems. Piezoelectric fibers and composites.
CTS Corp. (USA)
Passive, Electromechanical, Hybrid & Interconnect Components for OEM`s.
EDO Electro-Ceramic Products (USA)
Development, Manufacture and Supply of Technical Ceramic Products
ETREMA Products, Inc. (USA)
An Iowa corporation engaged in the manufacture and distribution of smart material alloys, devices using such alloys, and engineering services. Manufacturer of TERFENOL-D (magnetostrictive iron alloy that changes shape in the presence of a magnetic field).
Ferroperm (DK)
Piezoelectric Ceramics for the electronics industry.
Gansu Tianxing Rare Earth Functional Materials Co., Ltd.
giant magnetostrictive materials
Ilsan Suntek Corporation(Korea)
Manufacturing ultrasonic cleaners and piezo transducers for OEM applications. Ceramic thermistors for inclusion in other products.
Kinetic Ceramics Inc. (USA)
Kinetic Ceramics is a manufacturer of piezoelectric actuators
Kyungwon Ferrite Ind. Co., Ltd. (Korea)
We are currently producing the largest quantity of isotropic ferrite magnets in Korea and have already industrialized the newly developed piezoelectric ceramics products with the highest level of technique.
Materials Systems Inc. (USA)
A technology developer and manufacturer of piezoelectric materials, piezoceramics, piezocomposites and piezoelectric transducers for sonar and ultrasonic applications.
Measurement Specialties, Inc (USA)
Metallized Piezo Film (PVDF), piezo cable, accelerometers.
Murata Electronics (Japan)
piezoelectric ceramics, diverse parts made from it.
PI Ceramic (Germany)
fully integrates research, development and manufacturing of functional ceramics such as piezoelectric and dielectric materials.
Piezo Kinetics (USA)
Manufacturer of small and specialty piezoelectric ceramic elements and assemblies for medical, ultrasonic, underwater and other commercial applications.
Piezo Solutions (USA)
Supplies piezoelectric ceramic, piezo actuator, pzt material, ultrasonic, acoustic and ultrasound products and services
Piezo Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of piezoceramic electronics equipment.
piezoelectric and pyroelectric polymer films – PVDF and P(VF2-VF3) copolymer – shock sensors
Prowave Electronics Corp. (Taiwan)
developing and manufacturing sensors, transducers and sensing materials for security, automation, medical diagnostics and automobile.
S.P.K. Electronics co. Ltd. (Taiwan)
Quartz crystal units, oscillators, filters, ceramic resonator, filters, saw resonator filters, ceramic element, piezoelectric ceramics, cd-r & duplicator.
Sensor Technology Limited (CA)
Manufacturer of piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric products: ceramic elements, composites, flexure-mode elements, hydrophones, transducers and actuators. Publications, definitions and links.
Sparkler Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Description and specifications of products and materials available from this manufacturer of piezoelectric elements and devices.
STELCO GmbH (Germany)
Manufacturer of: Chip Inductors, EMI Components, Trimmer- and Fixed Capacitors, Piezoceramic Sensors / Actors, Precision Inductors, Customer Specific Ceramic Components.

Ultrasound Cleaning
Alphasonics (UK)
Manufacturers of high quality ultrasonic cleaning systems for ceramic anilox rolls, gravure cylinders and general parts.
Applied Process Equipment Company (USA)
Ultrasonic cleaning meter: test the level of ultrasonics and scrub force during cleaning.
Aqueous Technologies (USA)
Manufactures aqueous cleaning and de-fluxing systems, stencil cleaning systems, misprint cleaners, cleanliness testers (ionic contamination testers), and water recyclers.
Bandelin Electronic (Germany)
The family company employs a staff of 100, and is specialized in development and manufacture of ultrasound equipment for applications in industry, trade, laboratory and medicine. The latest products developed are employed in sonochemistry and process acceleration.
Blackstone~NEY Ultrasonics (USA)
Supplier of ultrasonic cleaning equipment used for industrial and precision cleaning.
Blue Wave Ultrasonics (USA)
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment (Magnetostrictive Transducers)
Chao Tung Ultrasonic Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Manufacturer and exporter/agent of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic generator and single sump type cleanern.
CleanoSonic (W. A. Brown Industrial Sales, Inc. – USA)
A wide range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and supplies is offered. The site is e-commerce enabled. The “Ask Captain Cleano” section answers many technical questions about ultrasonic cleaners and their use in jewelry cleaning and microelectronics.
Coltene/Whaledent (USA)
BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems (dental industrie).
Crest Ultrasonic Corp. (USA)
Ultrasonic cleaning systems and chemistries.
Showcases expertise in the construction and manufacture of custom/speciality ultrasonics, and phases of ultrasonic production, including piezoelectric, electrostrictive, and magnetostrictive options.
Elma Ultrasonic Technology – Hans Schmidbauer GmbH & Co KG
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for special cleaning tasks
Enertech Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Range of ultrasonic cleaning and welding machines. Also manufacture hilife metal stress relieving machines and cold light sources. Provide turnkey consultancy in power electronics.
Greco Brothers, Inc. (USA)
Manufacturers of manual and automated ultrasonic cleaning systems for use with aqueous-based solutions or solvents.
Guangzhou Mingzhu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
Manufacture ultrasonic anion humidifiers and cleaners. The company also manufacture conventional cleaners and mist generators. China.
Hang&Shine Ultrasonic Inc.
shop for top flight and affordable ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Health Sonics Corp. (USA)
Ultrasonic Cleaners, Asepsis Products
Hilsonic (Danmark)
Ultrasonic cleaning.
Ilsan Suntek Corp. (Korea)
Manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning unit, transducers and piezoceramics.
Intersonic s.c. (PL)
Ultrasonic cleaners.
Intersonik (Turkey)
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
JNJ Industries,
production supplies for electronic PCB assembly, cleaning, screen printing and Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning.
Kell-Strom Tool Co. (Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners)
Ultrasonic cleaners and accessories.
KKS Ultraschall AG (Switzerland)
Manufactor of ultrasonic-cleaning equipment.
L&R Manufacturing Co.(USA)
Manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning systems for industry, medical, dental, jewelry, firearm and scba cleaning.
M. P. Interconsulting
Specialists in ultrasonic cleaning and sonochemistry, provide consultancy, equipment supply and custom systems development. The site also includes technical information on piezo-electric transducers and cleaning in liquid carbon dioxide.
Mirae Ultrasonic tech. co. (Korea)
Generator(multi/single power series), transducer(multi/single series), ultrasonic cleaner – 300W, 600W, and 1200W.
Misonix Inc. (USA)
Cleaners, homogenizers, nebulizers, nozzles, spraying systems.
Moroni Ultrasuoni (Italy)
ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic parts cleaner for indutrial cleaning of hydraulic parts, metal fittings, gears, precision mechanics, microchips, ballpoint pen tips, hypodermic needles.
ONDA Corporation
Onda is a Sunnyvale, California based company acclaimed for its expertise in research and development related to ultrasound and its applications in medicine and industry.
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and blind cleaning training
Panatronix (Italy)
Industrial cleaning products
PMR Systems (USA)
Ultrasonic SMT stencil cleaning systems, SMT inspection stations.
ppb, Inc.
Cavitation energy meters for ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning tanks
Process Equipment&Supply, Inc. (USA)
Branson benchtop ultrasonic cleaners and chemicals. pint size to 100 gallon capacities, industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks and sonifiers.
S. Morantz Inc.
Offering home business opportunity in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, mini blind cleaning equipment, screenprinting machine, drapery equipment.
SE Corp. (Japan)
Spacer spray machines and ultrasonic cleaning tools for the production of flat panels.
Shor International Corporation (USA)
Overview and gateway page with hyperlinks to over 100 different ultrasonic cleaning machines.
Smart Sonic Corp. (USA)
Stencil cleaning process that safely cleans any solder paste (RMA, No-clean or Water Soluble) from any fine pitch stencil.
Soltec (Italy)
Technological solutions: ultrasonic cleaners and dental products.
Soniclean (Australia)
Ultrasonic cleaners.
Sonicor Instrument Corporation (USA)
Ultrasonic cleaning.
SONIX IV Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners and solutions. View our catalog and specifications of table-top, recessed, and heavy duty ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Technomed Ukraine JSC
Performing R&D and manufacture of medical equipment, preventive and hygiene means. The enterprise is also engaged in development, manufacture and marketing of home appliances. Ultrasonic treatment head for medical device, flat foil heating elements for industrial and home heating devices are among the products developed by the enterprise.
Ted Pella, Inc. (USA)
Cleaners; cleaning supplies.
The Lewis Systems Corporation
Ultrasonic cleaning, Oxford, CT.
TM Associates (USA)
Ultrasonic cleaners, supplies and accessories.
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Portable Ultrasonic Cleaners for Electronic, Medical and Jewelry Industry
Ultrasonic Engineering Ltd (UK)
Supplier of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for industrial and precision cleaning.
Ultrasonics International Corp.
Supplier of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and components.
Ultrasonics UK
Full range of equipment from small bench top ultrasonic cleaners to automated batch system in both aqueous and solvents.
Wescott Company (USA)
L&R Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, even custom made.
Zenith Ultrasonics, Inc.
New Jersey manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic cleaners.

Ultrasonic Motors
Links and resources
Brian Andersen, Piezomotor Research
Research in piezoelectric motors. Development of a spherical piezoelectric motor.
Cranfield University – Nanotechnology
piezoelectric materials and actuator design.
Institute of Piezomechanics (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Ultrasonic actuators and motors.
Piezoelectric motors for nanoengineering and metrology
Nanotechnology Group, Advanced Materials Department + Ferroelectric Materials for Integrated Machines
Piezoelectric Motor
Institute of Microtechnology, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
The NDEAA’s piezoelectric peristaltic pump Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen and Dr. Zensheu Chang, JPL, Section 354
Rotary Ultrasonic Motors Actuated By Traveling Flexural Waves
Shyh-Shiuh Lih, Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena.
Surface Acoustic Wave Linear Motor
Article describing the principle, experiment and conclusions. Includes drawings, graphs and future reading .
Ultrasonic Motors
Advanced Actuators activity of the JPL’s NDEAA Group
MicroPropulsion Corp (USA)
ultrasonic motors, piezoelectric transformers, miniature generators
Piezo Ceramic GmbH (Germany)
Piezo Ceramic, PZT Transducer, Piezo Actuator, Aktor, Aktuator, Piezo Motor, Piezo Component
Piezoelectric Motor
High Speed Piezoelectric Micropositioning Motor – Model PDA130 (EDO Ceramics)

Acoustic optics
A.A sa
Design and manufacture of acousto-optic devices and associated radio-frequency drivers. Features product listings, technical documentation in pdf format, and photo gallery
Applied Photonics (usa)
Projects include freespace digital interconnects and analog optical processing.
Brimrose Corporation of America
Manufacturer of instruments and components including tunable filters, modulators, and frequency shifters. Includes an introduction to acoust optics.
IntraAction Corp.
Manufacture a range of products including modulators, frequency shifters, deflectors, and mode lockers. Includes a listing of representatives.
Isomet Corporation
Design and manufacture of products which control lasers by means of acousto-optic technology. Includes product specifications, diagrams, and drawings.
NEOS Technologies
Manufactures acousto optic components for lasers. Systems range from a laser micro machining center to a three dimensional volumetric display. Includes online catalog, career opportunities, and a listing of representatives.

Ultrasound Related Software
Beamformation Toolbox
A free Matlab toolbox written in C for beamformation of ultrasound data. Function calls similar to Field II.
Field II
ield is a set of programs for simulating ultrasound tranducer fields and ultrasound imaging using linear acoustics. The programs uses the Tupholme-Stepanishen method for calculating pulsed ultrasound fields.
Inspection Software Limited (UK)
Graphic Software for Inspection
UT Ray Tracing for AutoCAD
TASI Technical Software
currently has software tools for the analysis of small signal piezoelectric properties, and large signal characterisation of piezoeoelectric, electrostrictive, ferroelectric, and antiferroelectric materials. Each software package is modular where extended features are supported through plug-in software modules. Each package also includes an optional data acquisition module allowing the collection of raw data directly from instrumentation.
UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc. (USA)
Imagine3D Ultrasonic Simulation Software. Pulsers and receivers.
Ultrasound Field Simulation
Ultrasim is an interactive, menu-oriented simulator for finding the sound field from transducers, primarily for medical ultrasound. Ultrasim can handle 1D, 1.5D and 2D linear and phased arrays, and flat and curved arrays with many different footprints such as rectangular and elliptical. It also handles annular arrays, axicons and Bessel transducers. Each simulation consists of a numerical integration of the contribution from all sub-elements of a transducer. The transducer excitation can be either continuous wave (CW) or a broad-band pulsed wave (PW). The simulator is implemented as a toolbox in MATLAB.
Wave Imaging
Software for large-scale wave propagation models.
Weidlinger Associates, Inc. (USA)
PZFlex (software) – The Finite Element Solver for Piezoelectric modeling.

Oscillators, Resonators, Filters, and Resonant Sensors

The links for these topics are handled in another section of this web site.

Internal Links Pages
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