B-Flow Imaging


This B-Flow cineloop of an ulcerated plaquein the carotid was obtained using a GE LOGIQ 700 with the L739 probe. B-Flow is a new imaging technique which utilizes GE’s Digitally Encoded Ultrasound technology to provide direct visualization of blood echoes. B-Flow extends the wideband resolution and high frame rate capabilities of B-mode to image blood flow and tissue simultaneously. These translate into exceptional clarity and speed in the display of blood flow and vessel walls, which promise to expand clinical applications of ultrasound and improve early detection of peripheral vascular diseases. B-Flow images are formed by using (1) Coded Excitation to improve blood echo sensitivity and (2) tissue equalization to reduce the relative brigtness of tissue such that both tissue and blood can be simultaneously visualized.

Contact information:
Contributor’s name: Richard Chiao
Institution: GE
Telephone: (518) 387-5712
Email: chiaory@crd.ge.com
URL: http://www.ge.com/medical/ultrasound/msubt99.htm