IEEE UFFC Star Ambassador Lectureship Award

UFFC has established the “IEEE UFFC Star Ambassador Lectureship Award”, similar to our Distinguished Lecturer award, but intended to be for more local travel and for early career speakers. Specifically, we imagine young professionals (within 15 years of their degree) delivering technical talks in their geographic region, highlighting their research while promoting IEEE and the UFFC Society.  We hope these awards will become an opportunity to expand our Young Professional members’ contact with colleagues and students at academic institutions, national laboratories and local industry, promoting new collaborations.  Talks at IEEE Section and UFFC-S Chapter meetings would also be supported.

Each Award will provide travel support reimbursement for up to a maximum of $2500. A total of $15,000 has been earmarked for the first year. A total of 15 awards are expected to be made. Awards will be made on an ongoing basis until exhaustion of the funds.

Interested candidates shall self-nominate by submitting a copy of their updated resume’, a short bio, a photo, their IEEE member number, as well as speaking plans (including targeted institutions for the visits), a lecture abstract, and a one (1) page maximum description of prior engagement with UFFC, if any. The application material should be sent to Ms. Zuleima Davis at