Editor's Selection Of Articles - April 2018

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Intracardiac Vortex Dynamics by High-Frame-Rate Doppler Vortography-In Vivo Comparison With Vector Flow Mapping and 4-D Flow MRI
Faurie, J; Baudet, M; Assi, KC; Auger, D; Gilbert, G; Tournoux, F; Garcia, D
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 2, pp 424-432 (2017)

Curvilinear 3-D Imaging Using Row-Column-Addressed 2-D Arrays With a Diverging Lens: Feasibility Study
Bouzari, H; Engholm, M; Beers, C; Stuart, MB; Nikolov, SI; Thomsen, EV; Jensen, JA
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 6, pp 978-988 (2017)

Design of HIFU Transducers for Generating Specified Nonlinear Ultrasound Fields
Rosnitskiy, PB; Yuldashev, PV; Sapozhnikov, OA; Maxwell, AD; Kreider, W; Bailey, MR; Khokhlova, VA
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 2, pp 374-390 (2017)

Multifrequency Interlaced CMUTs for Photoacoustic Imaging
Chee, RKW; Zhang, P; Maadi, M; Zemp, RJ
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 2, pp 391-401 (2017)

Quantitative Frequency-Domain Passive Cavitation Imaging
Haworth, KJ; Bader, KB; Rich, KT; Holland, CK; Mast, TD
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 1, pp 177-191 (2017)

Guidelines for Finite-Element Modeling of Acoustic Radiation Force-Induced Shear Wave Propagation in Tissue-Mimicking Media
Palmeri, ML; Qiang, B; Shigao, C; Urban, MW
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 1, pp 78-92 (2017)

Efficient Strategies for Estimating the Spatial Coherence of Backscatter
Hyun, D; Crowley, ALC; Dahl, JJ
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 3, pp 500-513 (2017)

A 200-1380-kHz Quadrifrequency Focused Ultrasound Transducer for Neurostimulation in Rodents and Primates: Transcranial In Vitro Calibration and Numerical Study of the Influence of Skull Cavity
Constans, C; Deffieux, T; Pouget, P; Tanter, M; Aubry, JF
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 64, Iss 4, pp 717-724 (2017)

2016 Articles

Review: Mechanical Characterization of Carotid Arteries and Atherosclerotic Plaques
de Korte, CL; Fekkes, S; Nederveen, AJ; Manniesing, R; Hansen, HHG
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 10, pp 1613-1623 (2016)

Ultrasound Shear Wave Viscoelastography: Model-Independent Quantification of the Complex Shear Modulus
Kazemirad, S; Bernard, S; Hybois, S; Tang, A; Cloutier, G
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 9, pp 1399-1408 (2016)

Realization of Complex 3-D Phononic Crystals With Wide Complete Acoustic Band Gaps
Lucklum, F; Vellekoop, MJ
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 5, pp 796-797 (2016)

Assessing the Performance of Ultrafast Vector Flow Imaging in the Neonatal Heart via Multiphysics Modeling and In Vitro Experiments
Van Cauwenberge, J; Lovstakken, L; Fadnes, S; Rodriguez-Morales, A; Vierendeels, J; Segers, P; Swillens, A
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 11, pp 1772-1785 (2016)

Excitation of Single-Mode Lamb Waves at High-Frequency-Thickness Products
Khalili, P; Cawley, P
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 2, pp 303-312 (2016)

Optimization of the Bias Magnetic Field of Shear Wave EMATs
Isla, J; Cegla, F
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 8, pp 1148-1160 (2016)

Adaptive Light Modulation for Improved Resolution and Efficiency in All-Optical Pulse-Echo Ultrasound
Alles, EJ; Colchester, RJ.; Desjardins, AE
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 1, pp 83-90 (2016)

A New High-Temperature Ultrasonic Transducer for Continuous Inspection
Amini, MH; Sinclair, AN.; Coyle, TW
IEEE T-UFFC, Vol 63, Iss 3, pp 448-455 (2016)

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