Ultrasonics and UFFC Awards Ceremony at IUS 2020

September 8, 2020 | Contributed By - Zuleima Davis, Conference Catalysts, LLC

The IEEE UFFC 2020 International Ultrasonics Symposium welcome session on September 8th, 2020 was completed by the presentation of the Ultrasonics Awards, announced by Jafar Saniie, and the UFFC Awards, announced by Jan Brown. The virtual ceremonies can be viewed using the links below.

2020 Ultrasonics Awards


Meaghan A. O’Reilly

IEEE Ultrasonics Early Career Investigator Award


Prof. Meaghan A. O’Reilly
“for outstanding contributions to ultrasound-mediated drug delivery to the central nervous system”








Paul A. Dayton

IEEE Carl Hellmuth Hertz Ultrasonics Award


Prof. Paul A. Dayton
“for contributions to the study of microbubbles and phase change contrast agents in ultrasound imaging and therapy”








Katherine Ferrara

IEEE Rayleigh Award


Prof. Katherine Ferrara
“for seminal contributions to ultrasound molecular imaging and image-guided drug and gene delivery”








2020 UFFC Awards


Takaaki Tsurumi

Achievement Award


Takaaki Tsurumi
“For significant technical contributions and leadership in the areas of ferroelectric ceramics and fundamental studies and development of new capacitors”






Dragan Damjanovic

Distinguished Service Award


Dragan Damjanovic
“For diverse contributions and sustained commitment to the UFFC community, including scientific leadership and organizational management”






Distinguished Lecturer Award

Pai-Chi Li –National Taiwan University

Clive Randall – Penn State University

Gaetano Mileti – University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Matthew O’Donnell – University of Washington


Star Ambassador Lectureship Award

Fei Li -Xi’an JiaotongUniversity, Xi’an, China

Himanshu Shekhar – Indian Institute of Technology, India

Joel Harley –University of Florida, USA

Yun Jing –North Carolina State University, USA

Nick Bottenus –University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Muyinatu Bell –John Hopkins University, USA

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