UFFC Student Representatives

April 25, 2021 | Contributed By - Andrea Erbes, UFFC-S Student Representative Advisor
The UFFC Student Representatives team is looking forward to meeting you all this year during our virtual symposia!

This year students will:

  • shake virtual hands with Professors in the Student-Professor Meet and Greet.
  • get to know leading industry professionals in their fields in the Student-Industry Networking Events.
  • pitch their research in 1 minute to academic and industrial experts during the Student Pitch Competition.


Also launching: Working Group initiatives!

In 2020, we faced unique challenges due to COVID 19. However, we welcome the challenge of a global and virtual world. Let’s start by building a new sense of community in UFFC. In our working groups, students will be able to work together remotely, share advice with each other, discuss publications everyone should read and ask questions related to topics in their fields. There is no need to wait for symposia to build working relationships with other students in your field.

Stay tuned for more information on new and exciting student events in 2021.  You can also meet the new student representatives for 2021 here.