Student Paper Awards of IFCS-ISAF 2020

August 4, 2020 | Contributed By - Wei-Chang Li, Frequency Control Newsletter Editor and Marco Deluca, Ferroelectrics Newsletter Editor

The Student Paper Winners of the IFCS-ISAF 2020 Conference were presented virtually at 7:00 a.m. MDT on 7/22/2020.

IFCS student paper awards

For the IFCS student finalists, the judges held live online sessions with students during the preceding week . In the live sessions, the finalists presented their work in front of the judges. Each student finalist had 15 minutes for the presentation and Q & A. The judges picked the winner based on: originality, impact and personal merit. IFCS had a total of 8 winners from 26 finalists competing in 6 categories!

The Academic Chair, Azadeh Ansari, presented the IFCS student paper awards and the winners are:

Group 1: Sen Dai, Purdue University

Group 2: Qianyi Xie, UC Berkeley

Group 3: Jize Han, Tsinghua University and Romain Gautier, Systèmes de Référence Temps-Espace (SYRTE)

Group 4: Tzu-Hsuan Hsu, National Tsing Hua University and Vageeswar Rajaram, Northeastern University

Group 5: Benjamin Dix-Matthews, University of Western Australia

Group 6: Robert Fasano, National Institute of Standards and Technology

ISAF student paper awards

Twenty ISAF student-presentations and ten posters were selected as finalists. These presentations were reviewed by the judges in nine categories. The questions included how effectively the presenter conveyed the research, the thoroughness of the description of the methods, and the impact of the results with respect to the stated goals. Awards Co-Chairs, Ed Gorzkowski presented the six papers winners, four presentations and two posters, from ISAF. The ISAF student winners are:

Presentation Awards:

Mihail Slabki, Technical University of Darmstadt

Shelby Fields, University of Virginia

Sven Reitzig, Technical University at Dresden

Rachel Broughton, North Carolina State University

Poster Awards:

Alexis Payne, North Carolina State University

Benjamin Hirt, Case Western Reserve University


Congratulations to all the students, both finalists and final awardees !