Student Events at IUS 2018

November 18, 2018 | Contributed By - Cécile Floer and Gabriela Torres, AdCom Student Representatives
This year, the International Ultrasonics Symposium hosted three student events, organized by Gabriela Torres and Cécile Floer, 2018 IEEE-UFFC Student Representatives. These events facilitate networking between students, integrate industry and academia, and expand the network of the UFFC community. With three separate events targeting students, a high participation rate was achieved among the diverse group of students attending the IUS 2018.

Left to right: Cécile Floer and Gabriela Torres, IEEE-UFFC Student Representatives

The first event was the Student-Industry Networking Event, sponsored by OnScale. It targets students graduating with their PhD within one year. The first part of the event was a speed-networking activity. About 20 students had four minutes to present their profile to industry members in one-on-one rounds. Every four minutes, students changed their seats to meet new industry members. To facilitate this exercise, students were asked to prepare a slide with keywords describing their university path and research field. The discussions were then extended during the second part of the event: the social reception, where students and industry members were invited to network casually with food and drinks .

Speed networking activity during the Student-Industry Event at IUS 2018.


Social reception during the Student-Industry Event at IUS 2018.

The second event was a Student-Professor Breakfast, sponsored by the IEEE-UFFC Society. Through this breakfast, twenty students had the opportunity to network with academic leaders within the UFFC community through one-on-one conversations that could include topics ranging from career challenges in academia to post-doctoral positions and to tips related to the research field. The discussion time was set at 15 minutes per professor, so that students could meet three different professors during the one hour event. Matches were set in accordance with research topics.

Student-Professor Breakfast at IUS 2018 in the Cosmopolitan Room, Portopia Hotel, Kobe, Japan.

The last event was a student lunch for all the students attending the conference. More than 200 students gathered in the Rainbow room on Tuesday October 22nd and admired a beautiful view of Kobe. The meal was an opportunity to share professional experiences and network with future colleagues.

Student lunch at IUS 2018 in the Rainbow Room, Portopia Hotel, Kobe, Japan.

The feedback collected after events was extremely positive. Across all events, 100% of the students, industry members, and professors were willing to sign up again for these events. In the student-industry event, 80% of the students met with a company they would like to work with and 100% of the industry members found students they want to talk with further.

Plans are already underway for repeating and improving the student events next year at IUS 2019 in Glasgow. Based on the feedback obtained this year, some novelties will be added and the goal is to attract even more participants.

Last updated On: November 24, 2018