Student events at IFCS

July 18, 2019
IFCS Student Social Event, 2019/04/14       

After the tutorials on Sunday, April 14th, the student social event was held at the Caribe Royale Boca Pier from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Overall, 45 students (out of 80 registered students) from universities all across the world attended the event. The student social event created a great opportunity to get to know colleagues in various fields related to IFCS-EFTF.

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The student social event started with students introducing themselves in small groups. After that, they talked about the tutorials, upcoming presentations, and different research fields. Students enjoyed great food and beverages while networking. Questionnaires were provided to improve future student events.

Ali Kourani, a graduate student from University of Illinois, USA, said, “This student event is one of the most impressive student activities in a conference I have been to. I enjoy getting to know other students during the conversations.”

IFCS Student-Professor Breakfast, 2019/04/16

The student-industrial event was held on Tuesday, April 16th before the plenary talk. This is a new event for IFCS. A total number of 22 students and 24 professors from the six technical areas attended. Student members engaged in discussion with academic leaders over a breakfast sponsored by the UFFC-S. Invitations to students and professors were sent out before the conference. During the event, the students and professors were grouped based on the technical area of IFCS. Conversations about academic career and the future of different technical areas were exchanged over the breakfast.

IFCS Student-industry Event, 2019/04/17

The student-industry event was held on Wednesday, April 17th before the banquet. Invitations to the student members and industry representatives were sent out before and during the conference.  A total number of 27 students and 25 industry members attended the event. The event was an opportunity for students to network with industry representatives to showcase their skills and make connections. The students learned about the needs of represented industries and the industry representatives took the opportunity to find potential applicants for their internships and job openings. Drinks and appetizers were provided during the activity.