Léandre Pourcelot : Oral History

July 31, 2020 | Contributed By - Sidney Lang, History Chair

An interview about the personal history and professional achievements of Léandre George Pourcelot, born in France in 1940, has recently been conducted by Ayache Bouakaz and is published on the  Engineering and Technology History Wiki and is shared in the oral history section of the IEEE UFFC web site.

The text of the interview is interspersed with short videos highlighting very diverse and interesting milestones in Léandre Pourcelot’s carreer. For example, he remembers having to make a choice between a path toward professional soccer or  a degree in electrical engineering, retraces his work on early developments of Doppler ultrasound with design of a resistance index known as the “Pourcelot ratio” and tells about working to bring Doppler technology to the MIR Soviet/Russian space station to enable echo-Doppler measurements under weightlessness.

Léandre Pourcelot, an oral history conducted in 2020 by Ayache Bouakaz, IEEE History Center, Hoboken, NJ, USA.