Kick-off : UFFC-S Professional Networking and Mentoring Program

March 31, 2021 | Contributed By - Harriet Lea-Banks, UFFC Networking & Mentorship Committee Member

March 2021 marked the beginning of the UFFC-S Professional Networking and Mentoring Program. The kick-off meeting, held on Saturday 27 March, introduced the 64 mentors and mentees for the first time, as they joined the virtual gathering from 17 different countries.

Mentor-mentee pairs have been carefully matched by the Mentoring & Networking committee based on career stage, technical area, and goals for the mentorship experience. As well as one-on-one mentorship over the next 6 months, mentors and mentees will receive training through a program of workshops and panel discussions, ranging from grant proposal writing to crafting a personal brand.

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UFFC Mentoring kick off