IFCS-EFTF 2019 Video Recording Student Volunteers Recruitment

March 21, 2019 | Contributed By - Ruochen Lu, AdCom Student Representative

IFCS-EFTF 2019 is calling for 4 to 6 student volunteers with IEEE-UFFC student travel support or student membership to help record talks during the IFCS-EFTF 2019. The volunteers will enjoy multiple benefits including free student registration to the symposia and the opportunity to network with UFFC society senior members. In short: student volunteers will be matched with and attend sessions that align with their research interests and ensure that videos are recorded using simple equipment and passing a microphone around during the Q&A after each talk. More detailed requirements are listed below.


  1. Free student registration (limited spots available, students already receive travel grant from UFFC do not apply)
  2. Invitation to the students/young professionals committee of the conference
  3. Invitation to speaker breakfast for free the day of volunteering
  4.  Networking with UFFC society leaders, session chairs


  1. One telecom before the meeting for training on the recording equipment
  2. In-person meeting with co-manager the day before, or at least reachable by phone/emails.
  3. Session attendance, recording button pressing, making sure microphones are on, passing around microphones during Q&A
  4. At the end of day, processed video checking and upload (optional)

If interested, please email Ruochen Lu  cc Prof. Harley for more information.