IEEE UFFC Transactions: Special Issue on Ultrasound in COVID-19 and Lung Diagnostics

November 5, 2020

Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, ultrasound imaging has been acting as a silent hero in facilitating primary diagnosis and in managing the comorbidities of COVID-19 patients. To highlight lung ultrasound’s important role in today’s pandemic times, the November 2020 issue of the IEEE UFFC Transactions (Volume 67, Issue 11) has featured a Special Issue that is dedicated to the theme of Ultrasound in COVID-19 and Lung Diagnostics.

Photo credit: Tongjuan Zou et al.; Sichuan University, Chengdu, China)

A collection of 10 review articles and original research papers on various aspects of lung ultrasound technology has been featured in this Special Issue of the IEEE UFFC Transactions:
1. Application of Critical Care Ultrasound in Patients With COVID-19: Our Experience and Perspective by T. Zou et al.
2. Automatic Pleural Line Extraction and COVID-19 Scoring From Lung Ultrasound Data by L. Carrer et al.
3. Detection of Line Artifacts in Lung Ultrasound Images of COVID-19 Patients via Nonconvex Regularization by O. Karaku et al.
4. Current Ultrasound Technologies and Instrumentation in the Assessment and Monitoring of COVID-19 Positive Patients by X Qian et al.
5. Pilot Study of Robot-Assisted Teleultrasound Based on 5G Network: A New Feasible Strategy for Early Imaging Assessment During COVID-19 Pandemic by S. Wu et al.
6. Ultrasound Elastography for Lung Disease Assessment by B. Zhou et al.
7. In Vivo Assessment of Lung Ultrasound Features Mimicking Viral Pneumonia Using a Large Animal Model by F. Wolfram et al.
8. Quantitative Lung Ultrasound Spectroscopy Applied to the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Fibrosis: The First Clinical Study by F. Mento et al.
9. In Vivo Assessment of Pulmonary Fibrosis and Pulmonary Edema in Rodents Using Ultrasound Multiple Scattering by K. Mohanty et al.
10. Lesion Imaging and Target Detection in Multiple Scattering (LITMUS) Media by K. Mohanty et al.

This paper collection serves well as a resource point for the general scientific community to learn about the latest clinical and technological advances of ultrasound in COVID-19 and lung diagnostics.
The UFFC Transactions hereby pay tribute to all lung ultrasound researchers. TUFFC Editorial Office is especially grateful to an international group of authors, which include researchers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas for their timely contributions to this important Special Issue. We are also grateful to Libertario Demi (University of Trento), Marie Muller (North Carolina State University), and Qifa Zhou (University of Southern California) for their service as the Guest Editors of this Special Issue. We hope that this Special Issue can prompt further engineering innovations and clinical studies to optimize the use of ultrasound in COVID-19 and lung diagnostics.

Last updated On: November 14, 2020