Call for new Group 1 TPC members

November 7, 2019
IEEE UFFC Medical Ultrasonics (Group 1) Technical Program Committee (TPC) – Call for New Members.

Application Deadline: January 6, 2020.

The IEEE UFFC Medical Ultrasonics (Group 1) Technical Program Committee (TPC) currently consists of 72 experts from the academic and industrial communities. The Group 1 TPC plays a key role in the organization of the UFFC Society’s premier meeting, the International Ultrasonics Symposium. As part of this process, TPC members actively contribute to a number of operations. Key activities include: objective review of abstract submissions, selection of invited speakers, organization of the student paper competition, assembly of the conference program schedule, and planning of special sessions.

Group 1 TPC will continue to expand in 2020 and is now seeking new members to join the committee. Applications are currently being accepted until January 6, 2020. We are particularly interested in candidates who will bring expertise to one or more of Medical Ultrasonics technical disciplines (listed below) and those who will show strong commitment to contribute to the IEEE UFFC IUS and various committee operations.

Qualified candidates from academia and industry are being sought. Academia-based candidates should be independent researchers with an established laboratory (typically 7-10 after PhD) and excellent research standing as a principal investigator in one or more topics of medical ultrasonics. Industry-based candidates should have a sustained track record of technical involvement and/or leadership in developing new medical ultrasound solutions. Candidates who possess a combination of academic and industry experience in medical ultrasonics are also welcomed.

Interested candidates should send their CV to the current Medical Ultrasonics Vice-Chair, Jeffrey Ketterling, All candidate CVs will be reviewed by current TPC members. New members will be selected based on their professional excellence in medical ultrasonics, as determined through a voting process. Candidates will be informed of the results by early February 2020.

Current list of members

Group 1 Medical Ultrasonics Technical Disciplines

MBB Medical Beamforming and Beam Steering

MBE Biological Effects & Dosimetry

MBF Blood Flow Measurement

MCA Contrast Agents

MEL Elasticity

MIM Medical Imaging

MIS Medical Image and Signal Processing

MPA Medical Photoacoustics

MSD System & Device Design

MTC Medical Tissue Characterization

MTH Therapeutics, Hyperthermia, and Surgery

MTN Theranostics

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