2019 IEEE UFFC Society Awards

January 3, 2020 | Contributed By - Erdal Oruklu, Ultrasonics News Editor

Annual IEEE UFFC Society awards, including the Achievement Award, Distinguished Service Award, Distinguished Lecturer Award and Outstanding Paper Award, were presented at the 2019 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium which was held in Glasgow, Scotland. Awards ceremony took place on October 7th, 2019 at the Scottish Event Centre (SEC).

The IEEE UFFC Achievement Award is the highest Society-wide award presented to a member in special recognition of outstanding contributions. Selection criteria include significant technical publications in the field of ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, or frequency control, as well as contributions to these technical fields, and service to the Society.

The winner of the 2019 IEEE UFFC achievement award is Peter A. Lewin, Drexel University

for pioneering contributions to ultrasound exposimetry and metrology and the impact they made on diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound applications”. Laudation for Peter A. Lewin was given by Mark Schafer, Sonic Tech.

Peter A. Lewin receiving the 2019 IEEE UFFC achievement award.(From left to right:  Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, UFFC President; Peter A. Lewin and Mark Schafer)


The IEEE UFFC Distinguished Service Award recognizes long-term support of the Society’s activities. Recognition is given to those who innovate new Society programs, administer major Committees, manage Society functions, or promote the Society’s areas of technical interest to the larger community.

The winner of the 2019 IEEE UFFC Distinguished Service Award is Ken-ya Hashimoto, Chiba University, For a career of masterful leadership, dedicated service and commitment to the UFFC-Society in many positions including two Co-Chairmanships of the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, International Distinguished Lecturer, and AdCom Member”. Laudation for Ken-ya Hashimoto was given by Clemens Ruppel, EPCOS AG-retired.

Ken-ya Hashimoto receiving the 2019 IEEE UFFC Distinguished Service Award.(From left to right: Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, UFFC President; Ken-ya Hashimoto and Clemens Ruppel)


The IEEE UFFC Outstanding Paper award is given to a paper published in the UFFC-S Transactions which exemplifies excellent technical contributions and is clearly written. The winner is selected on the basis of: originality, interest to the membership, contributions to the field, clarity of writing, and timeliness.

The winners of the 2019 IEEE UFFC Outstanding Paper award are Paul D. Wilcox and Jie Zhang, University of Bristol. Their paper “Quantification of the Effect of Array Element

Pitch on Imaging Performance” was published in the IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, Volume 65, No. 4, April 2018.

Paul D. Wilcox receiving the 2019 IEEE UFFC Outstanding Paper award.(From left to right: Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, UFFC President; and Paul D. Wilcox)


The Distinguished Lecturer represents the UFFC Society by giving lecturers worldwide to the larger technical community. The subject of the lecture must be of current interest and the lecturer must be a prominent contributor in the field of the lecture. The speaker is selected for speaking style, prominence in the topic, and willingness to commit significant time and energy to preparation, travel and lectures.

Clive Randall, Penn State, is selected as a Distinguished Lecturer for the period of July 2019 to December 2020. His lecture title is “A Discussion of Defects, Crystal Chemistry, Thermochemistry, Non-equilibrium Processing and the Impact on Properties of Ferroelectric Materials”.

2019 IEEE UFFC Society Awards Winners(From left to right: Ken-ya Hashimoto, Peter A. Lewin and Paul D. Wilcox)

More information about the annual UFFC Society Awards and the nomination process can be found in the following link: https://ieee-uffc.org/uffc-society-awards/