2019 IEEE UFFC AdCom meeting in Glasgow

February 13, 2020 | Contributed By - S. Lori Bridal - UFFC-S Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

The second Administrative Committee (AdCom) meeting for 2019 was held prior to the IEEE UFFC IUS Symposium in Glasgow on October 6th 2019.

Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, President of IEEE UFFC-S 2018/2019, led the meeting. Recent initiatives were underlined including the Special Topics Schools and support for young professionals with a new Star Ambassador program. Among the many points of society business addressed, particular attention was given to an examination of the financial health of the society, strategic planning, election of the new President-Elect, presidential appointments, publications and supporting diversity and inclusion within the society.

The Society is in good financial health and work continues to maintain a healthy budget and best manage a slow decline in revenue from publications. Financial stability and value to members are key points within the strategic plan of UFFC-S. Other key points in the strategy include:

  • professional support and established guidelines to catalyze the work provided by volunteers within the society,
  • maintaining and communicating technical excellence through all the media wielded by the society, and finally,
  • the strict enforcement of the IEEE Code of ethics and support of diversity.

In 2020, Paul Reynolds will begin his term as President of IEEE UFFC-S. The new President-Elect selected by a vote of AdCom in Glasgow is Mark Schafer, Sonic Tech Inc. He is currently the Vice President for finances of IEEE UFFC-S.

The flagship conferences for 2020 will be the IFCS-ISAF 2020, chaired by: Dana Weinstein and Geoff Brennecka in Keystone Colorado, 19-23 July and the IUS 2020 in Las Vegas Nevada chaired by Paul Reynolds and Scott Smith from September 7-11.

2020 Special Topic Schools in Ultrasonics were announced and details are available on the website.

The president welcomed incoming AdCom members Kendall Waters from Ultrasonics; Julia Glaum from Ferroelectrics; Philip Feng from Frequency Control; and Shuji Tanaka from R8-10 and thanked outgoing AdCom Members for their service to the society.