IEEE Fellows of the UFFC Society

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William H. Horton, 1999,
For leadership in the development and manufacture of monolithic crystal filters, quartz crystal resonators, and oscillators.
Adel Razek, 1999,
For contributions to 3D electromagnetic field modelling and coupled phenomena analysis in electromagnetic systems.
James G. Miller, 1998,
For contributions to the understanding of properties of normal and diseased hearts using ultrasonics, echocardiography, and myocardial tissue characterization.
Curtis Menyuk, 1998,
For contributions to mathematics and computation of light propagation in nonlinear and disperse optical fibers.
Dennis C. Webb, 1998,
For leadership in the development and application of microwave ferrite devices.
Jeannine H. Henaff, 1997,
For contributions to the analysis, design and realization of telecommunication systems.
Karl Joerg Langenberg, 1997,
For contributions to acoustoelastic and microwave imaging.
Johannes G. Smits, 1997,
For research and development of piezoelectric materials and integrated piezoelectric microelectromechanical sensors and actuators.
Robert C. Smythe, 1997,
For contributions to the theory and technology of crystal filters, resonators, and monolithic filters.
Joseph M. Crowley, 1996,
For contributions to education and practice in electrostatic processes, and for fundamental contributions to electrohydrodynamics.
Satoru Fujishima, 1996,
For the development of piezoelectric ceramic filters, SAW filters for TV and SAW filters for mobile communication.
Butrus (Pierre) T. Khuri-Yakub, 1995,
For development of innovative nondestructive evaluation techniques and for contributions to zinc oxide technology.
Moises Levy, 1995,
For contributions to the characterization of superconducting and magnetic materials by ultrasonic techniques.
Gary K. Montress, 1995,
For contributions to the development of surface acoustic wave (SAW) based frequency sources, and for leadership in their application to high performance military radar systems.
Kevin J. Parker, 1995,
For contributions to the advancement of medical ultrasound, including the development of sonoelasicity imaging and ultrasound contrast agents.
Harry F. Tiersten, 1995,
For contributions to the analysis of thickness-shear quartz resonators and surface acoustic wave devices.
Kazuhiko Yamanouchi, 1995,
For research and development in surface acoustic waves and surface optical waves.
Lawrence N. Dworsky, 1994,
For contributions to piezoelectric and transmission line resonators and band pass filters for telecommunications applications.
Thomas W. Grudkowski, 1994,
For development of microwave acoustic and semiconductor technologies for high speed signal processing.
Gerald R. Harris, 1994,
For contributions to the measurement and understanding of ultrasound in medical applications.
Arye Nehorai, 1994,
For contributions to statistical signal processing and system identification.
Thomas E. Parker, 1994,
For contributions to the development of high-stability surface acoustic wave oscillators.
Peter H. Russer, 1994,
For fundamental contributions to noise analysis and low-noise optimization of linear electronic circuits with general topology.
Yasutaka Shimizu, 1994,
For contributions to research and development in the field of educational technology, electromagnetic compatibility, and surface acoustic waves.
Robert Weber, 1994,
For contributions to microwave solid-state circuits design applied to high-power sources.
Werner Wiesbeck, 1994,
For contributions to wide-band polarimetric metrology.
Kenneth L. Davis, 1993,
For technical leadership in the initiation and development of basic electronics research programs and for contributions to the development of surface acoustic wave devices.
Irving Engelson, 1993,
For management leadership of IEEE technical activities worldwide.
Zvi Galani, 1993,
For leadership in the development of low-noise microwave signal generation techniques for missile and radar systems.
Reimund Gerhard-Multhaupt, 1993,
For contributions to the study of dielectric materials and their application in communications devices.
Peter A. Lewin, 1993,
For contributions to the fields of electroacoustics and medical ultrasonics and for the development of new transducers and measurement methods.
Lawrence C. Lynnworth, 1993,
For contributions to ultrasonic measurements of flow, temperature, and liquid level for process control.
Charles Maerfeld, 1993,
For contributions to surface acoustic wave devices and their applications.
Donald C. Malocha, 1993,
For contributions to the development of computer-aided design for surface acoustic wave (SAW) transducers and filters.
Matthew O’donnell, 1993,
For contributions to biomedical ultrasonics, medical imaging, and the application of VLSI devices to medical imaging systems.
Thomas A. Seliga, 1993,
For pioneering work in radar polarimetry applied to meteorology and for contributions to engineering education and research.
K. Kirk Shung, 1993,
For contributions to research in ultrasonic imaging and tissue characterization and to biomedical engineering education.
Bikash K. Sinha, 1993,
For contributions to the development of surface acoustic wave pressure and temperature sensors.
Donald O. Thompson, 1993,
For technical leadership in developing the concept of quantitative nondestructive evaluation.
Akihiro Ametani, 1992,
For contributions to the analysis of electrical transients in power systems.
Leif Bjorno, 1992,
For contributions to ultrasound technology.
Hua Lee, 1992,
For contributions to high-resolution imaging techniques and tomographic acoustic microscopy.
Robert A. Moore, 1992,
For the development of monolithic microwave acoustic filters.
William J. Tanski, 1992,
For developments in surface acoustic wave resonator devices.
R. Bruce Thompson, 1992,
For contributions to ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation as a quantitative measurement science.
Kikuo Wakino, 1992,
For development of high-quality ceramic dielectric materials, and for contributions to their applications.
Stephen Wanuga, 1992,
For contributions to the development of zinc oxide thin-film piezoelectric transducers.
J. Douglas Adam, 1991,
For contributions to the development of microwave device applications of ferrite thin films.
Christoph B. Burckhardt, 1991,
For contributions to diagnostic ultrasound imaging.
Michael M. Driscoll, 1991,
For contributions to the development of low-noise acoustic resonator-stabilized oscillators.
Fred S. Hickernell, 1991,
for contributions to the development of acoustic and optical surface wave devices for electronic systems applications.