IEEE Fellows of the UFFC Society

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Andrew Laine, 2010,
For contributions to wavelet applications in digital mammography, and ultrasound image analysis
Roman Maev, 2010,
For contributions to high-resolution imaging, acoustic microscopy, and advanced material characterization
Richard Ruby, 2010,
For contributions to film bulk acoustic resonators, filters, and duplexers for mobile phones
Jafar Saniie, 2010,
For contributions to ultrasonic signal detection, estimation and imaging
Tadashi Takenaka, 2010,
For research on properties and applications of lead-free piezoelectrics and ferroelectric ceramics
John Vetelino, 2010,
For contributions to acoustic wave properties of piezoelectric crystals and their application in sensors
Gerald V. Blessing, 2009,
For contributions to ultrasonic techniques in materials evaluation and sensor systems
Dragan Damjanovic, 2009,
For contributions to piezoelectric ceramics and single crystals
Dr. Michio Kadota, 2009,
For contributions to surface acoustic wave devices
Dr. Susan E. Trolier-Mckinstry, 2009,
For contributions to dielectric and piezoelectric thin films and device applications
Raymond Filler, 2008,
For contributions to frequency control and timing in military systems.
Takeshi Inoue, 2008,
For contributions to bulk wave piezoelectric devices and applications.
Pai-Chi Li, 2008,
For contributions to ultrasonic imaging technologies.
Jian-Yu Lu, 2008,
For contributions to medical ultrasonic imaging.
Abdullah Atalar, 2007,
For contributions to acoustic and atomic force microscopy.
Gordon Hayward, 2007,
For contributions to the area of piezoelectric ultrasound transducers applied in underwater sonar.
Charles Jackson, 2007,
For leadership in the development of high-temperature superconductor microwave devices, quasi-optical techniques, and millimeter-wave subsystems for space and imaging systems
Dr. Clark Nguyen, 2007,
For contributions to the physics and technology of microelectromechanical systems.
Nava Setter, 2007,
For contributions to the field of ferroelectrics materials, microsystems and microelectronics applications.
Michael Tobar, 2007,
For contributions to high-Q dielectric resonator technology, precision microwave oscillators and low noise phase and amplitude measurement systems
Qiming Zhang, 2007,
For contributions to the field of ferroelectric materials.
Seshu B. Desu, 2006,
For contributions to development of ferroelectric thin film devices.
John D. Larson III, 2006,
For contributions to bulk acoustic resonators and medical acoustical imaging systems.
Joseph L. Rose, 2006,
For contributions to quided wave models, instrumentation, sensors, and measurement techniques.
Charles W Turner, 2006,
For contributions to engineering education.
Ken-Ya Hashimoto, 2005,
For contributions to simulation and design for surface acoustic wave devices.
Ken Lakin, 2004,
For contributions to thin film resonator technology and applications.
R. E. Newnham, 2004,
For contributions to piezoelectric composite transducers.
Ahmad Safari, 2004,
For contributions to the development of piezoelectric tranducers.
Masanori Koshiba, 2003,
For contributions to the modeling of optical wave propagation in photonics devices.
John August Kosinski, 2003,
For contributions to piezoelectric substrate materials and resonators.
William Jefferson Riley, JR., 2003,
For contributions to high performance rubidium gas cell frequency standards and stability analysis.
Satish S. Udpa, 2003,
For contributions to the development of methods for solving inverse problems in the field of nondestructive evaluation.
Noriyoshi Chubachi, 2002,
For contributions to the field of piezoelectric materials, ultrasonic microscopy, materials characterization, and medical ultrasonics.
Aime Sylvester Dereggi, 2002,
For contributions to the understanding of dielectric phenomena related to space charge and polarization.
Ulrich L. Rohde, 2002,
For contributions to and leadership in the development and industrial implementation of microwave computer-aided design technology.
Nico De Rooij, 2002,
For contributions to microelectrical/mechanical systems and technology transfer to the marketplace.
Mitsutaka Hikita, 2002,
For contributions to the development of surface-acoustic-wave devices for mobile communications.
Tadashi Shiosaki, 2002,
For contributions to SAW devices and nonvolatile memories.
Robert Weigel, 2002,
For contributions to microwave acoustic, radio frequency integrated circuits, and microwave circuits and their applications.
Venceslav Frantisek Kroupa, 2001,
For a numerical theory of frequency synthesis, and for contributions to time and frequency measurements, frequency stability, and phase-locked loops.
Fred L. Walls, 2001,
For contributions in the development of stable frequency sources and low noise signal processing equipment.
Masatsune Yamaguchi, 2001,
For contributions to highly piezoelectric leaky surface acoustic waves.
Helmut Ermert, 1963,
For contributions to coherent wave imaging and its application to medical diagnostics and nondestructive testing, and to engineering education.
Lute Maleki, 2000,
For contributions to the science and technology of frequency standards.
Soo-Chang Pei, 2000,
For contributions to the development of digital eigenfilter design, color image coding and signal compression, and to electrical education in Taiwan.
Linden W. Pierce, 2000,
For contributions to the understanding of heart transfer and loading of liquid-immersed and dry type power and distribution transformers.
Shin-Ichiro Umemura, 2000,
For contributions to biomedical ultrasonics.
Guillermo C. Carlos Gaunaurd, 1999,
For contributions to direct and inverse scattering interaction of acoustic, elastic and electromagnetic waves with matter.
Marvin E. Frerking, 1999,
For contributions to the design, manufacture, and understanding of quartz crystal oscillators.
Yury V. Gulyaev, 1999,
For seminal contributions to acoustoelectronics, acoustooptics and microwave acoustics.