UFFC FerroTalk Webinar series on YouTube

December 23, 2020 | Contributed By - Julia Glaum, Ferroelectrics Newsletter Editor

The FerroTalks Webinar series was launched in May this year to provide a digital platform to help the ferroelectrics community keep connected during the uncertainties of the pandemic. Since then, colleagues from all around the globe have met up 13 times to discuss fundamental topics around processing, characterization and modeling of ferroelectrics. With attendees numbering up to 300 per session the webinar series clearly answered a need within the community. We would like to thank all speakers for their contributions and especially Kyle Webber for initiating and organizing the series.

In case you have missed some sessions, all presentations are available on the IEEE-UFFC YouTube channel:


1) “How are Electromechanical Properties of Ferroelectrics Interrelated?” – Andrew Bell

2) “100 Years of Ferroelectricity” – Susan Trolier-McKinstry

3) “Pyroelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting” – Brendan Hanrahan

4) “Pyroelectric Materials and IR Sensing”  – Roger Whatmore

5) “What can I learn about ferroelectrics with Raman spectroscopy?” – Marco Deluca

6) “Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics” – Paolo Colombo

7) “Why Relaxor-PT single crystals possess giant piezoelectricity?” – Shujun Zhang

8) “Lead-Free piezoceramics and what more?” – Wook Jo

9) “Quantifying domain wall contributions to properties using X-rays” – Jacob Jones

10) “The adsorbates on ferroelectric surfaces: those long-ignored neighbors” – Neus Domingo

11) “Mechanics of Ferroelectrics” – Jürgen Rödel

12) “Calculating macroscopic response from diffraction: Coexisting phases” – Manuel Hinterstein

13) “Piezoelectric and Dielectric Composites” – Ahmad Safari