Summer events from the UFFC-S Networking and Mentoring Program

June 10, 2021 | Contributed By - Harriet Lea-Banks, UFFC Networking & Mentoring Committee Member

Mark your calendar with the exciting program of events scheduled this summer – hosted by the UFFC-S Professional Networking and Mentoring Committee, and open to all.

We welcome speakers Sreeja Nair (19 June 2021), Alaina G. Levine (10 July 2021), Prof Zhen Xu (7 August 2021), and Niels Tekke (4 September 2021) from a broad spectrum of industrial and academic disciplines. Join us as we tackle topics like ‘Crossing the Career Chasm’, ‘Grant Application Writing’ and ‘Networking for Nerds’!

The UFFC-S Professional Networking and Mentoring Program is a new pilot initiative, so far pairing 64 mentors and mentees from 17 countries. To find out more about this program and the upcoming workshops, please visit