Student Related Events at IFCS’18

May 27, 2018 | Contributed By - Ruochen Lu, Student Representative

Student social event at Sandy’s Pub.

 IFCS Student Social Event: 2018/05/21

After the tutorials, on Monday May 21st, the student social event was held at Sandy’s Pub from 6 to 8 pm. There were 28 students attending the event from different universities all over the world. The student social event started with around-the-table introductions. After that, students talked about the tutorials, their preparation for the upcoming presentations and the similarities and differences of the daily lives as young researchers in different institutes. Students enjoyed great food and beverages while networking.

Yao Yu, a graduate student from Northeastern University, USA, said, “The student social helps me get to know other students working in the IFCS-related area. Thanks UFFC and IFCS for the opportunity.”


Student-industrial event at Olympic Valley.

IFCS Student-industrial Event: 2018/05/22

The student-industrial event was held on Tuesday May 22nd, from 6 to 7 pm. Students and interested industry representatives took early shuttles to the Olympic Valley before the banquet. Students learned from those working in industry about what they are looking for in new hires. Drink and appetizers were provided during the activity.


Student paper competition finalist (Yansong Yang, UIUC) in Group 1.

Student paper competition finalist (Sidhant Tiwari, UCLA) in Group 4.

IFCS Student Paper Competition: 2018/05/23

The student paper competition was held during the Wednesday afternoon poster session. The 24 finalists attended the competition with their very well-prepared posters. The students were divided into 6 groups according to the corresponding IFCS technical program topics. For each group, 3 judges evaluated the students’ performance based on clearness of expression and the depth of understanding they demonstrated about their work. Each student had at least 20 minutes to make their presentation.

Yansong Yang, a competition finalist in Group 1 said, “This is my first time in the IFCS student best paper competition. The competition was intense and the judges asked a great number of tough questions related with my poster. I learned to look at my research in a more rigorous way.”


Student paper competition finalists and IEEE UFFC-S President Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb at the President’s Reception.

IFCS President Reception: 2018/05/23

The IFCS President’s Reception was held on Wednesday evening immediately after the poster session. The reception was held in an outdoor spa deck, with a great view of the surroundings. During the reception, the IEEE UFFC-S president Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb thanked all of the organizers of the IFCS 2018. During the reception, Adcom student representatives Doug Bopp and Ruochen Lu, along with all the student paper competition finalists were recognized with certificates for their participation in the conference. Participation in this reception is a great honor for all the students attending and it connects the young generations more closely with the UFFC society.

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