Outgoing VP Ferroelectrics Statement

June 25, 2021 | Contributed By - Jacob Jones VP Ferroelectrics

I really appreciate the opportunity to have served the UFFC Society, first as an Elected AdCom member and then as VP for Ferroelectrics. Supported by the work of other volunteers on the Ferroelectrics Standing Committee, we were able to reinforce several best practices as well as try new things, some of which have become permanent practices and activities. The Society is now at a very exciting time as we move away from full shutdowns in many parts of the world. Prof. Shujun Zhang, as the new VP for Ferroelectrics, will do a wonderful job at helping to lead our professional community through this next phase. I look forward to continuing to participate in Society events and hope to see you in person at a meeting in the next year or two.

– Jacob Jones, Outgoing VP Ferroelectrics