New UFFC-S Student Representatives for 2020

March 12, 2020 | Contributed By - Derek Chan, IEEE UFFC-S Student Representative

Meet the new UFFC-S Student Representatives who will be serving in 2020 and 2021! Each year, up to three PhD students are appointed to the role of Student Representative by the UFFC-S President. During their two-year term, these students help plan student events at symposia, actively participate in AdCom meetings, and bring their fresh perspectives to student outreach.

Madeleine Hertel, Ultrasonics

Madeleine Hertel (Ultrasonics) is a PhD student at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg in Germany. Her research interests include fusing x-ray and ultrasound diagnostics into one system in order to enable ultrasound screening without affecting the highly standardized screening workflows of x-ray mammography.

Kerisha Williams, Ferroelectrics

Kerisha Williams (Ferroelectrics) is a PhD student in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she studies the functional responses of relaxor-ferroelectric solid solutions at the microscale. She has a B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Oregon and worked as a materials characterization engineer at United Technologies Research Center.

Kai Yang, Frequency Control

Kai Yang (Frequency Control) is a PhD student in the School of Microelectronics at the University of Science and Technology in China. He is currently working on piezoelectric RF-MEMS resonators, sensors, and oscillators, under the supervision of Prof. Chengjie Zuo.

These new Student Representatives will join the current 2019–2020 student representatives: Derek Chan (Ultrasonics), Lukas Riemer (Ferroelectrics), and Sarah Shahraini (Frequency Control).