Introducing UFFC-S Student Facebook Group and Coworking Space

May 26, 2021 | Contributed By - Kerisha Williams, 2020-2021 Student Representative

To bring more of a sense of community to students within UFFC, we established a Facebook working group for UFFC-S Student members. Here, students can share with each other advice, publications everyone should read and ask questions related to topics in their fields. Additionally, a 24-hour Zoom room serves as a platform for accountability and work partners. All members of the Facebook group must provide their IEEE member number and adhere to IEEE’s standard of conduct for events to be a part of the group or gain access to the Zoom room. The Zoom room login information is only provided through the Facebook group. Students post to their group when they are going to be working and folks can join them in the Zoom room for virtual co-working. This offers students from around the world in different time zones a chance to build informal networking relationships with the other members of their field. We launched the working group during the ISAF-ISIF-PFM 2021 meeting, and as anticipated, it immediately served as place for students to build onto the connections made during the conference’s events. Students were able to share important talks they wanted to recommend as well as receive feedback for their own presentations and posters from other students. Join us today: