IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award to be Presented at IFCS’18

May 14, 2018 | Contributed By - Sheng-Shian Li, Newsletter Editor for Frequency Control and Elizabeth Donley, Vice President for Frequency Control

David W. Allan will receive the IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award in Instrumentation and Measurement at the upcoming IFCS’18 in Squaw Creek. The President-Elect of the IEEE, Jose M. F. Moura, will present the award. David Allan is President of Allan’s Time Interval Metrology Enterprise and the award recognizes his leadership in time determination and precise timing instruments. In IEEE IFCS’16, he presented an invited talk during a focus session – 50 Years of the Allan Deviation. He was also recipient of the 2016 IEEE UFFC Achievement Award for his seminal work to the UFFC community regarding time determination, time prediction, time dissemination, and timekeeping. The widely used Allan variance, a measure of frequency stability in clocks, oscillators and other applications, is named after him. An article published by David W. Allan and Judah Levine in IEEE Trans. on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control in 2016 provides a review about the historical development of the Allan variances and considers their strengths and weaknesses.

David Allan received the 2016 IEEE UFFC Achievement Award at IEEE UFFC-S IFCS’16 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Last updated On: May 10, 2018