Get Connected: All Stage Networking

July 31, 2020 | Contributed By - Lukas Riemer Student Representative, Kerisha Williams Student Representative & Joel Harley AdCom Student Advisor

On Monday, July 20th from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM MDT, three simultaneous Zoom networking events provided opportunities for students, young professionals, and senior scientists to have friendly, social interactions with their peers during the first all-online IFCS-ISAF conference. Approximately 70 participants attended the events.

Zoom Chat Roulette was the ideal event for spontaneous networking. Random breakout rooms created a unique interactive online space for participants of the conference. Participants appreciated the casual, comfortable, and undisturbed meeting opportunities.

“I actually spoke to a colleague here, whose work I have been following for years without personally knowing her.”


The Student Professor Meet and Greet enabled students to network with the UFFC-S academic leaders. During an informal panel session, students received advice on many topics, including how to navigate career challenges in academia, establish international collaborations, and find postdoctoral positions in a global pandemic. Following the panel, participants were randomly assigned into breakout rooms for follow-up conversations. Special thanks to the professors who attended: an impressive 1:1 professor-student ratio was achieved in the smaller sessions!

 “I like to meet the current generation of students and hear what is important to them. Especially under the pandemic conditions, it is important that they hear from all sides that they are not alone and that there are still lots of possibilities for their careers.”


Job opportunities in the field of frequency control and ferroelectrics are varied and are often challenging to identify for newly graduating students. The Student-Industry Networking Event aimed to highlight job opportunities by establishing professional connections between students and industry representatives. Participants were assigned to breakout rooms based on their field of interest and received valuable advice from participating industry representatives. Thank you to all industry representatives who participated in the event!

The smaller breakout groups were an effective way to get people to talk. I know that I wouldn’t participate in a discussion with 50 people, but I am more comfortable talking with a smaller 1-2 person group.”


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