Enrico Fermi School of Physics Course 206

September 1, 2019 | Contributed By - Elizabeth Donley, VP for Frequency Control in UFFC

Participants and instructors at the 2019 Fermi Summer School on the shore of Lake Como.

As part of the 2019 UFFC-S Summer School Program, the UFFC supported six PhD students performing research in fields related to Frequency Control to attend the Enrico Fermi School of Physics Course 206 – New Frontiers for Metrology: From Biology and Chemistry to Quantum and Data Science. The course took place from July 4-13, 2019, in Varenna, Italy. The course was structured into three modules: Physical metrology, Fundamental metrology, and Quality of life. The UFFC-sponsored students were from China (3), Italy (1), and the USA (2). The School was directed by Martin Milton (BIPM), Diederik Wiersma (LENS & INRiM), and Carl Williams (NIST). The 23 instructors included current and former UFFC Distinguished Lectures for Frequency Control, Patrizia Tavella and Ekkehard Peik, as well as Nobel Prize winning physicist, Bill Philips.