Standing Committee Frequency Control

UFFC-S has Technical Standing Committees in Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control. The Vice Presidents in each field appoint and chair the committee. The committees promote the Society, develop relevant standards, and organize workshops, tutorials, awards, and publications. The committees also select their symposia’s General Chairs, and propose to the AdCom symposium schedules, locations, and budgets.  Details are here [link to Bylaws 5.1.1 page].
The Frequency Control Standing Committee members are:
Last Name First Name Position Region Company Email Expertise
Partridge Aaron SC President/Chair, 2018 Gen Chair America Si Time reveal email Mems Oscillators
SC Vice Chair
Weaver Greg Publication Chair America Johns Hopkins APL reveal email Oscillator Technology  & Requirements
Coler Debra Finance Chair, 2019 Gen Chair America OEwaves Inc. reveal email Optical Clocks
Camparo James Awards Chair America The Aerospace Corp reveal email Atomic Clocks
Academic Chair America
Rinaldi Matteo Tutorial Chair America Northeastern Univ reveal email Piezoelectric MEMS Sensors
Li Sheng-Shian Newsletter Dir Asia NTHU, Taiwan reveal email CMOS Integrated MEMS
Bedair Sarah IFCS WIE Rep. America US Army Research Lab reveal email
Maleki Lute 2017 Co-General Chair America OEwaves Inc. reveal email OEO Technology
Donley Elizabeth 2017 Co-TPC Chair
AdCom ’15-17′
America NIST reveal email Optical Frequency Standards
Weinstein Dana 2018 TPC Chair America Purdue University reveal email MEMS Technology
Everard Jeremy AdCom ’15-17′ Europe University of York reveal email Oscillators
Tavella Patrizia Distinguished Lecturer
AdCom ’16-18′
Europe INRIM reveal email Time Measurement
Tobar Mike AdCom ’16-18′ Australia Univ of W Australia reveal email Sapphire Clocks &  Measurements
Pan Duo Senior Student Rep America Peking University reveal email
Liu Ruonan Junior Student Rep America UC Berkeley reveal email MEMS
Ex Officio Members
Last Name First Name Position Region Company Email Expertise
Nguyen Clark UFFC President
Past SC President
America UC Berkeley reveal email MEMS Resonators/Oscillators
Bassiri-Gharb Nazanin UFFC President Elect America Georgia Tech reveal email Ferroelectrics
Peik Ekkehard EFTF President Europe PTB reveal email Atomic Clocks
Dulmet Bernard 2017 Co-Gen Chair Europe ENSMM, France reveal email Bulk Wave Resonators
Delporte Jerome 2017 Co-TPC Chair Europe CNES reveal email Atomic Clocks
Saniie Jafar IUS V.P. America Illinois Institute of Technology reveal email Ultrasonics
Damjanovic Dragan ISAF V.P. Europe École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne reveal email Ferroelectrics
Vig John VP Pubs/FC Web Editor America Consultant reveal email Quartz Resonators & MEMS
Bouakaz Ayache VP Symposia Europe University of Tours reveal email Ultrasonics